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MyABCsupply Makes Managing Orders Online Easier for Sunshine Roof Services

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Order Management Tool for Building Materials Allows Team to Work More Efficiently

When the construction project you’re working on is someone’s home or business, there’s no room for error. The team at Sunshine Roof Services in St. Augustine, Florida, has found a tool that helps them streamline their order management for building materials and ensure accuracy: myABCsupply.

Kathy Winkles, office manager at Sunshine Roof Services, began using myABCsupply in 2020 to order building materials online and has discovered many benefits to the tool.


Pre-Built Templates Make Placing Orders for Materials Faster and More Accurate

Before using myABCsupply, a Sunshine Roof Services team member would create an estimate and put together an order in a spreadsheet. They would then email or fax the order spreadsheet to ABC Supply. The process could take 30 minutes.

Now, Kathy can directly place orders within myABCsupply using templates, which have brought many benefits:

  • No Product Knowledge Needed: Since the templates can be created ahead of time using Sunshine Roof Services’ most frequently ordered products, Kathy doesn’t even need deep product knowledge to place an order.
  • More Accurate Orders: Kathy appreciates that myABCsupply offers opportunities to review details while placing an order. She is able to catch mistakes more easily and ensure that orders are placed accurately.
  • Easy to Collaborate: Templates also come in handy when Kathy is out of the office — other team members can easily step in to help order materials in her place.
  • Faster Order Placement: It only takes Kathy five to 10 minutes to place an order through myABCsupply, allowing her to work more efficiently.

“Using myABCsupply makes my job easier,” she said. “I can personally take on and do more things now.”


MyABCsupply Provides More Visibility Into Orders and Deliveries

MyABCsupply has also improved communication among Sunshine Roof Service’s office, jobsites and the local ABC Supply branch.

With myABCsupply, the team can see delivery photos and cross-check that the materials they need are the ones that were delivered. If there is an issue, Kathy can view the order history to confirm whether the correct materials had been ordered.

Before myABCsupply, when an issue with their orders arose, someone on the jobsite would call Kathy, who then had to review past spreadsheets and reach out to the branch to determine where an error occurred. The process was much more time-consuming when they didn’t have as much visibility into their deliveries.

“Now that we’re using myABCsupply, I get fewer calls with questions from the field,” Kathy said. “I also don’t have to call our ABC Supply branch with questions as often.”

MyABCsupply has made managing orders and deliveries a breeze for Kathy and Sunshine Roof Services, but they aren’t the only team finding benefits by using myABCsupply to order building materials online. Find out how myABCsupply has saved Gold Stars Roof time and money.

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