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Customer Financial Services

Our Customer Financial Services (CFS) department gives our contractor customers convenient access to the lines of credit and terms they need to be competitive in the marketplace.

Benefits Of Opening An Account

Our flexible job program gives contractors the ability to increase their credit line to accommodate large jobs. Separate job accounts and statements help customers properly cost each project. Our CFS associates are well trained and available to assist you with various construction lien and bond laws.

We also give contractors easy access to the financial information and perspective they need to grow their business. Our experts can benchmark a customer’s key financial statement ratios against those of contractors of similar size from across the United States. The process is totally discrete and completely confidential, and gives contractors a powerful tool to share and discuss with their accountant or financial advisor.

Apply Today!

ABC Supply invites you to explore credit options by completing our Online Credit Application. We welcome the opportunity to extend a line of credit to qualified customers of all sizes.

Not looking for a line of credit and still want to keep track of what you ordered? Complete our Online Cash On Delivery (COD) Application.

Already Have An ABC Credit Account?

If you need to increase your existing credit line, need assistance financing a large job or would like to obtain a confidential financial statement analysis, please ask your ABC Supply sales associate to put you in contact with one of our Regional Credit Analysts, who will be happy to assist you.