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Delivery Promise

On-Time Delivery

At ABC Supply, we know that on-time delivery is one of the most important things to consider when choosing a supplier. That’s why we go the extra mile to meet our delivery time commitments to you.

We recognize the importance of maintaining a schedule. Your order will arrive within 30 minutes* of the scheduled delivery time. If your delivery will arrive more than 30 minutes before or after the committed time, we promise to notify you immediately so you can adjust your schedule as needed.

*The half hour applies to “time-sensitive” deliveries. A phone number for notification must be provided at time of order.


Reviewing Order

Order Shipped Complete

We double check all loads before they leave our yard because we know that receiving your order in its entirety is critical to your business. We make every effort to ship orders complete. In the unlikely event that we cannot ship your order complete, we will call to let you know.

Unloading truck

No Substitutions

At ABC Supply, we know that not all brands are the same. We make every effort to fill all orders with the brands requested. If we do not have a specified brand in stock, we may suggest substituting a comparable product. We will not make the substitution without your permission.