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Mission & Vision

Focused On You And Your Real-World Needs

Ken and Diane HendricksOur mission and values were developed with the understanding that this is ultimately not about us—never has been and never will be. Instead, it’s about empowering our associates to serve the real-world business needs of contractors like you.

Specifically, our stated mission is to be the biggest, best and easiest service company distributing select exterior and interior building products. We will be recognized as an employee-first company producing world-class associate engagement, customer engagement and financial results. We fulfill that mission by:

  • Stocking the brands and products contractors want and need at a competitive price.
  • Maintaining a state-of-the-art delivery system that ensures orders are delivered to the jobsite when and where they are needed.
  • Actively listening to our customers to find out what they want and need, what we’re doing well and how we can improve—and then implementing many of their suggestions.
  • Providing ongoing training for every ABC Supply associate, ensuring they have the knowledge and expertise they need to provide world-class customer service.
  • Training every ABC employee so they can provide contractors with the information and techniques they need to remain competitive.
  • Challenging our associates to set goals for themselves and creating an environment that helps them realize those dreams.
  • Judging our own success by the success of our customers. We know that we will only be successful when our customers are successful.

Staying true to this mission helps us realize our vision to be the supplier of choice for our contractor customers and be the greatest place to work.