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Freeman Roofing Shakes Up Ordering Process With myABCsupply


Why They Say All ABC Supply Customers Should Use This Tool

Adding new tech to your business can be intimidating – especially if you have tried-and-true processes that have worked for years. But as Freeman Roofing learned, change is necessary and you may be surprised to learn how much a new technology can benefit your business.

Freeman Roofing was founded in 1976 by Jimmy and Bernie Freeman. Earlier that decade, Jimmy began roofing with his soon-to-be father-in-law who taught him to “do the right thing without shortcuts.” This mindset became the foundation on which the Freemans built their business, and they pride their company on providing honest, fair-priced, quality roofing to residential and commercial contractors along the Gulf Coast.

But it’s taken more than just that guiding mission to operate a thriving business for over four decades. The company and its 35+ employees have had to be open to changing their ways to adapt to the ever-evolving industry.

One recent example of this was when Freeman Roofing streamlined their long-standing, manual ordering process by switching to myABCsupply.

Expediting the Ordering Process

Today, Jimmy and Bernie’s daughter Melissa helps manage the family business – from marketing and accounting to budgeting and sales. Until July 2020, Melissa and the Freeman Roofing team were emailing individual orders to ABC Supply and waiting for an email confirmation that everything was submitted. The team had used this process for years: It was comfortable and got the job done. However, they had no idea how much unnecessary time their process was eating up.

When a hailstorm hit the area, the Freeman team was working through a massive amount of storm work. More than ever before, every minute in the day mattered. Their ABC Supply sales representative saw how busy the team was and approached them about how an order management tool like myABCsupply could help. The sales representative explained that myABCsupply was easy to use and would expedite the process of ordering and tracking deliveries. “It seemed easy, so we started using it. Then we saw how much time it saved, so we implemented it throughout our company,” shared Melissa.

Placing an order used to take the team minutes. With myABCSupply, the same task is now done in about 60 seconds. They also use myABCsupply to look up the latest pricing information, which helps them efficiently create accurate job estimates.

Better yet, there was no time lost in learning the new system. The five team members at Freeman Roofing who use myABCsupply knew how to navigate it after receiving just 10 to 15 minutes of training. “It’s user-friendly and very easy to use,” added Melissa.

More Than an Order Placement Tool

In addition to helping Freeman Roofing more efficiently place orders, myABCsupply has also given them greater overall project visibility. Here are some of the other features they’ve found valuable:

  • Tracking deliveries: Freeman Roofing’s jobs are scheduled months in advance, and myABCsupply helps them keep track of all their delivery details in one place. This gives them assurance that materials will be delivered when the time comes to start a job. An unexpected benefit of this has been improved customer service. Customers who are now more informed about their material delivery date have time to move vehicles or secure items/pets around their home.
  • Delivery photo confirmations: The Freeman team checks the photos of the delivered materials to see if they are rooftop or ground drop. This helps them decide if they need to take a ladder hoist out. They’re also able to confirm that the correct materials were delivered to the right house.
  • Managing invoices: Billing has been simplified because all invoices are now in one place. Freeman’s employees can also print, share and view reports.

The Results

What began as a solution to manage an incredible amount of hailstorm work became the go-to management tool for their business. In addition to expediting the ordering process for Freeman Roofing, myABCsupply has also given them more control and visibility into their building material orders.

When asked if Freeman Roofing would recommend myABCsupply to other customers, Melissa put it this way: “Do you want to save time and money? Do you want more control over your jobs? Do you want more satisfied customers? If so, start using myABCsupply today. It’s an easy-to-use, valuable tool that we use on a daily basis. It will save you time and money by using it. You are losing money each day you are not using it.”

Learn more about myABCsupply and how it can benefit your business. You can also read how other customers have found success with myABCsupply.

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