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5 Post-Storm Tips for Insurance Restoration Contractors

May 04, 2020

Get a Jump on Your Restoration Projects as Soon as the Storm Passes

Are you a seasoned veteran with insurance restoration services and projects? Is this your first time tackling the challenge? Jumping into a market after a storm has passed can be daunting, especially if homeowners are nervous about social distancing or don’t know much about insurance claims or contractors performing this type of work. It’s important to quickly demonstrate to them how much you can help out. No matter your experience, these tips will help you get ahead of the game in the wake of a massive storm.

1. Act Quickly and Carefully

Tarp on home after a storm

Once a storm hits, contractors need to act fast to handle the number of homeowners looking for repairs.

As soon as it’s safe, send out teams to take care of immediate needs such as putting a tarp over damaged areas or addressing other immediate safety hazards. Keep in mind social distancing practices, and always make sure homeowners are comfortable with how you’re communicating with them. Use virtual communication tools, like Zoom and FaceTime, to personalize your meetings and follow these tips for estimating jobs remotely.

Throughout this hectic time, your job is to be a coach — coordinate your team’s activity, act as a resource and make sure supplies are available.

2. Make a Good First Impression

Hail damage postcard example

Following a storm, promptly get your company name out in the community to affected residents and businesses. Start by mailing personalized postcards that offer solutions to these potential customers. Postcards should appeal to the type of storm they experienced, what solutions your team can provide and how they can best contact you.

Additionally, your team should be professional whether meeting in person or virtually: Dress in apparel with your company logo and be prepared to answer questions about your company, the insurance restoration process and its timing. It’s important they know that your team are the experts and they can ask you the questions they might not know.

If you don’t already have postcards or company apparel, ABC Supply’s Freedom Programs make it easy to design and order promotional materials for your business. 

3. Educate Homeowners

Contractor talking to homeowner after a storm while social distancing

Homeowners who have experienced storm damage are often stressed. Few will be knowledgeable about the roofing or insurance process, and the search to find an insurance restoration contractor to help with their repairs will likely feel overwhelming.

Your sales team can ease these homeowners’ worries by emphasizing your business’ core values and ethical standards. Reinforce these values with customer referrals from past projects. This is your company’s opportunity to educate homeowners on what to look for in a quality contractor. Make use of your value proposition to let them know what makes your business different than your competitors’.

4. Navigate the Insurance Maze

Hail damage on a home

Providing the homeowner with guidance in dealing with insurance companies can really strengthen your relationship with them. In fact, being an advocate with insurance companies and double-checking the adjuster’s claims makes the relationship with the homeowner even more comfortable, proving you’re on their side.

5. Rely on the Right Suppliers

ABC Supply delivering materials

With so many contractors and teams needing supplies after a storm, everyone will need a lot of supplies quickly, and you need a supplier who can support the sudden increase in business you’re experiencing. It is ideal to work with a supplier who will keep things moving and enable you to spend more time on the job. You want a supplier that can keep up with your demand for product orders. Because of ABC Supply’s nationwide network, we can get you what you want when you need it.

Finding a supplier with reliable delivery is essential. ABC Supply’s delivery promise means that you’ll receive your order complete, on time and without substituting other products.

If you start working with homeowners right after a storm and prove your expertise from start to finish, you’ll be that much better prepped for the season. Check out the ABC Supply blog for reflecting and learning after your storm restoration work has ended.