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Reflect and Learn After a Storm

June 11, 2020

How to Set Your Team Up for Success on Future Insurance Restoration Jobs

Some of your most important preparations for remediation projects happen after a significant storm event. This is a perfect time to look at what you learned from your latest insurance restoration project and use those lessons to tackle the next job successfully.

How Did You Do?

No one can accurately predict the weather, but by learning from how you previously responded, you can remove some uncertainty. As Jeremy Toubl, owner of Toubl Contracting in Beloit, Wisconsin, points out, you have to ask yourself, “How did we do?”

He advises assessing the project with everyone involved, which will help you better prepare for the next storm.

  • Your team – Did your team feel supported? Was there clear communication? What did you do better or worse than after the previous storm? Ask your team to pass along customer comments and find out which jobs turned out to be your company’s best efforts, which ones weren’t and why. This is also a great time to remind teams of key company policies while ensuring they’re updated on the latest OSHA standards.

    Be sure to assess the various roles in your company. Based on the latest storm, determine who is good at which job and who may need additional training. Your team needs to be tightly organized, so they can repair roofs and siding within the first month after a weather event. This will help you increase the number of jobs you can handle and satisfy anxious homeowners in your area.

    The key to coming out of the storm season successfully is being able to deal with the different ways dozens of insurance companies operate. Ensure your team is knowledgeable on how to quickly and accurately create estimates.


  • Your partner contractors – Evaluate the businesses you worked with during the project, as well as your own strengths and weaknesses in communication. This will be your opportunity to trade notes and discuss ways to collaborate better.


Happy homeowners

  • Your customers – Be sure to ask homeowners about their assessment of the team and project, so you can use their positive experiences/reviews to get future insurance restoration jobs. Your team should have taken pictures of the storm’s damage upon arrival. Approach the customer about endorsing your company and then get permission to take pictures of the finished project, contrasting the photos of the repairs with those of the damage.


  • Your supplier – Reach out to your local ABC Supply location. Since every storm seems to produce new challenges, ABC Supply associates can help you strategize how to work most effectively and develop a plan to minimize chaos during projects. 


  • Your promotions – Based on everything you’ve learned from these discussions, take a thorough look at your printed and online materials for ways to better showcase your company. ABC Supply offers target mail and storm postcard programs to help promote your business throughout your local community.


Every storm event is a learning opportunity. The contractors who are most successful at storm remediation make it a point to be aware of what they are doing every step of the way, then learn from that year’s projects when the season is over.

Keep coming back to the ABC Supply blog for more insurance restoration tips, like how to navigate storm damage repairs during the coronavirus pandemic.