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Top 3 Reasons Truck Drivers Choose to Drive for ABC Supply


Why Being Behind the Wheel Is More Than Just a Job

At ABC Supply, we pride ourselves on serving the needs of professional contractors, delivering the products and support they need to help them build their businesses. But we wouldn’t be anywhere without the people who make it possible — our drivers. These men and women are essential members of our company, making a difference for customers day in and day out.

Here are a few of the top reasons our associates not only chose to be a professional truck driver, but choose to drive for ABC Supply.

1. Recognizes Drivers for Hard Work and Safe Practices Through RODE Program

ABC Supply Delivery DriverDrivers’ unwavering dedication and commitment is something we appreciate beyond measure, and one way we recognize their hard work is through the ABC Supply Recognition of Driver Excellence (RODE) program. The RODE program rewards our best delivery drivers, acknowledging their value and commitment to safe driving habits. In 2021, we had over 700 honorees. To considered, associates must have worked at ABC Supply, L&W Supply or Town & Country for at least three years, spent more than 100 days on the road in the last year and adhered to rigorous safety standards.

Because safety is a cornerstone of the program, we asked a few of our drivers how they keep safety top of mind throughout the day.

Rafael Alvarado from ABC Supply’s Baltimore, Maryland, location on East Street notes that “the little things add up: always obey traffic laws, be cautious of other drivers and when at jobsites, always follow all safety procedures — they’re there for a reason.”

And Donald Marshall from the Clearwater, Florida, branch adds that “the key to driver safety success is being intentional in each stop of the process and not to rush.”

2. Guaranteed Nightly Home Time and Good Conversations

When it comes down to it, family is the driving force in our associates’ lives. When asked why they decided to become a driver, “to provide a better life for my family” was the resounding answer. Many truck driving careers require extended time away from home, but ABC Supply drivers have guaranteed home time every night. In fact, most of them deliver building materials to jobsites within a 50-mile radius of one of our over 840 locations. This career means they never have to choose between missing bedtime and having to provide — they get the best of both worlds.

When they’re out on the job working, the benefits are different, but equally rewarding. Interacting with customers daily helps them forge strong relationships and build trust, forming a real partnership.

“I get to have conversations with contractors about the job they’re on, why and/or how they became a contractor, and what led them to shop with us,” says John Richendifer, a driver out of Appleton, Wisconsin. “And at the end of the day, I’m able to help homeowners achieve their dreams of upgrading or remodeling their homes. It’s great.”

3. Professional Growth Alongside a Growing Company

No one wants to be in a position where they feel the wheels are turning but they just aren’t going anywhere. ABC Supply’s core purpose is dedicated to promoting and preserving the American dream by helping people accomplish the extraordinary because every person has the ability to do great things within themselves.

To help bring that purpose to life, ABC Supply is supported by seven Core Values — including Opportunity. John Richendifer is a shining example of this Core Value in action. He started as a delivery truck driver back in 2017, and this year he became a backup delivery services manager for his branch. “ABC Supply gives us the chance to succeed regardless of where we start from.”

Perhaps Rafael says it best: “With hard work, there is no limit to where we can go in the future.”

As ABC Supply gears up to celebrate its 40th anniversary, new drivers are more than willing to come along for the ride.

“What excites me is the growth of the company and the team attitude,” says Donald. “ABC Supply has continued to excel, and I look forward to watching the company expand and develop business practices that benefit customers, associates and the company.”

With motivated drivers ready to do their best and serve our customers, we’ll continue to be the industry leader and build a brighter future for all — together.

Visit our careers page to see available local driving positions and how you can get started with a company that’s focused on the personal and professional success of its driver associates.

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