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MyABCsupply Saves Time and Money for Gold Stars Roof


Georgia Roofing Company Places Orders 6x Faster by Using the Order Management Tool

Time is money, and that’s especially true in the busy roofing industry. Just ask Thomas Blackburn, the president of Gold Stars Roof in Dunwoody, Georgia. The company works with insurance providers to replace homeowners’ roofs after a storm.

One of Thomas’ responsibilities is ensuring that his team has the right materials to complete their roofing jobs, which used to be time-consuming. He would send his orders to ABC Supply via email, hand-typing each line item. It would take 30-45 minutes each time. Since he placed up to 10 orders in a week, Thomas could spend nearly seven hours per week placing orders.

Plus, with fluctuating material costs, Thomas was never 100% certain that he was estimating accurately. There was always a chance that an order could cost more than he anticipated, hurting the company’s bottom line. If he wanted to check on a price, he’d have to call or email his local ABC Supply branch, which could increase the time he spent putting together an order.

myABCsupply Is an Easy-to-Use Solution

That all changed when Thomas began using myABCsupply in July 2020. He discovered that the order management tool saved him time and allowed his team to work more efficiently.

Getting used to the new tool wasn’t a challenge — it only took about 10 minutes of training before he had the hang of it.

“It’s so simple,” said Thomas. “If you can place an online shopping order, you can do this.”

Order Templates Save Time and Money

Thomas finds many of myABCsupply’s features helpful, especially the order templates for the company’s most frequently ordered materials. The templates allow a production team to place orders, simply filling in quantities. A deep level of product knowledge is no longer needed to set up orders, as the task has been turned into simple data entry rather than decision making. So, what used to take 30-45 minutes now takes about five. In fact, the team can now dedicate fewer staff members to completing orders, and Thomas can spend more time coaching and leading his team.

myABCsupply Delivers Results for Gold Stars Roof

myABCsupply has helped the Gold Stars Roof team streamline their estimating and ordering processes. After seeing how helpful myABCsupply can be, they place more than 97% of their orders through the tool — with exceptions only being when they need to order something last minute. Other features they’ve found to be helpful include:

  • Looking Up Current Pricing: The team can check myABCsupply for current material prices to ensure their estimates are accurate, a beneficial feature during a time when material costs are frequently fluctuating.
  • Building Estimates: Thomas also uses myABCsupply to order measurement reports, allowing his team to quickly measure roofs and draft orders all within a single platform.
  • Collaborating: Because myABCsupply offers multiple users per account, more members of Thomas’ team can access the same information. Thomas can delegate tasks, assign permissions for placing an order and set approval thresholds, so his team can divide and conquer work. As a result, he can spend more time running his business rather than managing orders.

“Why wouldn’t you use myABCsupply?” said Thomas. “Once you try it, you’ll never go back to placing orders without it.”

Gold Stars Roof isn’t the only company working more efficiently by using myABCsupply. Find out how Freeman Roofing has used the order management tool to shake up its ordering process.

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