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Construction 101: Offseason Education Plan


It’s been said that you can never know too much. When it comes to keeping your business strong that’s certainly the case. Between staying current on detailed safety codes and the latest building techniques and following abrupt weather patterns, it can be a tall order to keep up with everything.

The offseason can be a great time to catch up. When you have time to take a breather, here are a few key training and educational tips to make time for.

Make Sure You’re Compliant

First things first: Make sure you’re OSHA compliant. They update their rules fairly frequently, and missteps could incur some of the largest fines in the industry. That being said, the organization does a great job of keeping their rules current and available. You can quickly access them here. You can also find valuable updates through trade organizations, such as the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) and local and regional builder associations.

Building codes and regulations are another area to consistently brush up on, especially because they vary from municipality to municipality. Check with your building inspection office to make sure you’re compliant. Double-checking before starting a big project can help you avoid costly and time-consuming roadblocks.

Train Your Employees

Any extra time you have can be a great chance to ensure both you and your team are up to date on your training.

Start by doing an inventory of the different types of training that each team member already has and go from there. Are there skills they can brush up on or new tools and trends they may need some additional background on? Talk to your employees to understand what skills they’re interested in improving and what areas they’d like to learn more about.

From sales representatives to support staff, there are plenty of ways to boost the overall expertise of your team. Maybe your office manager could be trained to run your company’s social media pages, while your sales representatives can head to an industry conference or tradeshow for the latest in building trends and products.

Try training your team members on project management programs that boost office productivity, such as as myABCsupply. This tool can help you place and manage orders, saving time and money.

Adopt New Technologies

The construction industry is full of technology that makes doing your job easier, safer and more efficient. Research which tools, products and software might benefit your business, such as:

  • Order management tools, like myABCsupply
  • Aerial measurement services
  • Augmented and virtual reality
  • Wearables and connected worksites
  • Drones

Often, new tools require training to learn how to use them properly, and your offseason is the perfect opportunity to dedicate extra time to learning new technologies and training your employees on how to use them.

Make the most of your offseason by brushing up on regulations, training your employees, attending industry events and learning new technologies. Read more posts on our blog for business-building tips, like how to promote your company online.

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