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BVI Solar’s Journey With ABC Supply

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Easy Delivery, an All-In-One Supplier and Competitive Pricing Make ABC Supply and This Trailblazing Southern California Solar Company an Ideal Match

Located in sunny San Diego, California, BVI Solar is a pioneer in the solar industry and an early adopter of combining roofing with solar projects. The company is active in both residential and commercial projects, with a focus on high-end clientele in general contracting and commercial real estate. This means it’s critical to have a supplier partner that offers a wide variety of solar products and a streamlined delivery process and does their best to deliver fair rates. For BVI Solar President Tyler Field, he’s found that partner in ABC Supply.


All-in-One Ordering and Streamlined Delivery

Tyler and BVI Solar began working with ABC Supply in 2020, and one benefit he noticed immediately was that he no longer had to place orders with multiple vendors to get all the materials on his list. “I had trouble finding everything I needed in one place,” he says. “Many suppliers only provide specific selections of items. I appreciate that ABC Supply has a broad selection across many areas.”

Another selling point for Tyler is ABC Supply’s rooftop delivery. “It’s a huge benefit,” he says. “One thing about installing solar panels is that you need to get them all on the roof. On a typical job, you’ll have 15 panels that need to be transported to the roof, which alone can take two hours. With ABC Supply’s delivery service, not only are we saving time and money, but our teams love it because they’re not having to lift panels to the roof. Our team is happy about that.”


Extended Credit Lines

Tyler says that BVI Solar and other companies similar in size “live and die by credit lines” and that this is another reason they have such a strong partnership with ABC Supply. “Other suppliers might only apply credit in one area,” he says. “ABC Supply applies credit across the board in roofing and solar.” In addition, Tyler points to ABC Supply’s vendor partners as being arguably the strongest in the industry. “The certainty ABC Supply provides is great.”


A Strong Partnership

It’s the above benefits that have forged a deep trust and respect between the two companies — a trust that’s evident in the strong relationships Tyler has with his local ABC Supply team members. “I’m able to have open conversations with them about market changes and pricing, and I feel like the team there really listens to my thoughts and does their best to deliver rates that everyone feels good about,” he says.

And, these relationships don’t just stop at Tyler’s local ABC Supply branch. “When I ask ABC Supply to find available panels across the state, they’re able to make it work,” he says, noting that with other companies, branches might compete against one another and not want to lose the business. At ABC Supply, collaboration is the name of the game, which means the branches work together seamlessly.


Additional Resources That Add Value 

Through BVI Solar’s partnership with ABC Supply, Tyler says his teams have been able to take advantage of many opportunities and resources that might not be possible if they worked with other suppliers. They’ve taken part in ABC Supply-offered installation training and have access to Solo — a tool that enables them to create dynamic proposals for solar projects. ABC Supply has also offered financial assistance through a partnership with trusted lenders like GoodLeap, making it easier for BVI to finance their projects.

Tyler’s advice for other companies looking to get into the solar game is simple: “Look for a good relationship with a supplier that transcends the actual purchasing of the material,” he says. “ABC Supply values relationships.”


The renewable energy products and services ABC Supply offers vary by location. Contact your local ABC Supply to learn how they can support your solar projects.

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