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Aegis Exteriors Saves Hours a Week With myABCsupply Online Ordering

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Increased Productivity, Transparency and an Error-Free Experience Make myABCsupply the Right Fit for Aegis Project Managers

Aegis Exteriors, a company located in Pensacola, the heart of Florida’s “Emerald Coast,” is a fast-growing and highly recommended exterior construction company. The construction firm has completed over 1,000 siding projects spanning from Mobile, Alabama, to Panama City, Florida, and business shows no signs of slowing down.

Aegis’s focus on residential homebuilders, general contractors and homeowners means they’re usually juggling a variety of projects at any given moment, so having a quick, easy and accurate way of ordering building supplies is critical to their success.

When Aegis Project Manager Daniel Gage started with the company in early 2022, he hit the ground running with myABCsupply, ABC Supply’s online ordering system, and found the tool instantly beneficial.

Increased Productivity, Saved Time

Daniel, who says he was a “big tech geek” prior to his role at Aegis, says a little training with an ABC Supply team member was all he needed to kick-start his myABCsupply usage. He now uses the tool for 100% of his orders — and one of the features he likes the most is the template tool.

“I make my own templates, and once those are done, I can get orders through very fast,” he says. Fast for Daniel means less than a minute — which he estimates saves him up to five hours a week, depending on how busy he is. “It’s the difference between staying at work late or getting home on time.”

Confidence in Ordering Materials

The transparency myABCsupply offers at every stage of the delivery process has been another game changer for Daniel. He especially appreciates the ability to see photos of every delivered order. “Before, you’d have to just trust that the delivery was on its way,” he says. “I love having the visibility into each project.”

That confidence is something that carries over into in-person relationships at his local ABC Supply location. “I visit the branch daily to pick up materials as I need them, and the team members there always provide me with invaluable support and assistance,” he says.

An Error-Free Experience

Daniel says that before Aegis began using myABCsupply, not only was the process time-consuming, but it was more prone to mistakes. “We’d place orders via emails, and I’d always had to make sure I used the correct verbiage and got things exactly right,” he says. “MyABCsupply makes ordering so much faster — and if there appears to be a mistake, we get a call from our local branch if anything looks off.”

As the building boom continues on Florida’s Emerald Coast and Aegis continues to thrive, Daniel says he’s a myABCsupply user for the long haul. “I love using the app. I can place all my orders. Do all my returns. See when something was delivered. Where it’s been delivered. And see that everything that was ordered is actually there. The app is huge.”

ABC Supply customers interested in signing up for myABCsupply can learn more and register here.

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