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2023 Siding Trends Contractors Should Know


ABC Supply’s Pro Council Shares Tips and Trends for Contractors

There are many different materials, colors and styles to consider when choosing siding for a new or remodeled home. For many homeowners, siding is the most important decision — it’s what gives the home its “look.” Knowing what siding options are in style and available will help you make recommendations.

We talked to the ABC Supply Pro Council, a group of ABC Supply associates throughout the country, about the siding material trends they are seeing in 2023. Here’s what’s popular across the country.


  1. Dark Siding Still Rules, but Light Colors Aren’t Going Away

Dark siding has been popular for the last few years, and this trend isn’t going anywhere. Charcoal grays, dark greens and navy blues are still a top choice for homeowners.

In the past, darker siding easily faded, so many homeowners instead opted for siding materials with light, neutral color palettes. Today, manufacturers are creating darker siding solutions that fade less. As a result, homeowners are comfortable selecting dark, bold siding materials that give their homes a striking look.

That isn’t to say that light colors are unpopular. The Pro Council still sees many homes using white or light siding. And for homes that use stucco, neutral colors (white, beige, etc.) and earth tones (tan, brown, etc.) are popular.


  1. Homeowners Want to Mix Textures

Another siding trend that looks to be sticking around is blending siding materials, profiles or textures to give homes visual interest.

Eye-catching examples include:

  • Blending types of siding materials: For example, vinyl siding on the lower half of a home and cedar shakes on the upper half.
  • Varying the siding direction: One of the most popular trends the Pro Council is seeing is the combination of vertical and horizontal siding to give the home depth.
  • Combining profiles: An example includes vinyl or fiber cement siding on a house with two or more lap exposures on an elevation.
  • Mixing colors: Homeowners often mix multiple colors of siding on their homes to add interest. For example, mixing light and dark gray siding can add some subtle style, and combining contrasting colors like burgundy and green can give the home a decorative feel.


  1. Contrasting Siding Trim Helps Homes Stand Out

Contrasting siding trim is another way that contractors and builders can help make customers’ homes stand out. The Pro Council has been seeing many homes pairing dark siding with light trim for a look that pops. Homeowners could consider matching trim color to the home’s door or windows to tie the look together.

ABC Supply locations offer a range of trims and accessories. Visit our branch locator to see what products are available at a location near you.


  1. Fiber Cement Siding Takes Over

The use of fiber cement siding is popular in parts of the country. It’s not hard to understand why. Fiber cement siding offers many benefits:

  • It’s made with cement, wood fiber and other additives. These materials make fiber cement siding long-lasting and resistant to wear and tear.
  • It looks like wood siding, but it doesn’t need the same level of staining, repainting and resealing as traditional wood siding.
  • It’s fire and heat resistant, making it favorable in areas prone to wildfires.


  1. Visualizer Tools Give Homeowners Confidence

The most difficult part of choosing siding is often picturing how it will look. With tools like Pictureit or HOVER from ABC Connect, you can show your customers how their home could look with different siding options and colors, giving homeowners more confidence in their purchasing decisions.


Work With Your Supplier to Navigate Supply Chain Challenges

Supply chain delays have affected the availability of materials over the last few years. We anticipate delays to continue into 2023, even as the industry is expected to slow down. Before helping your customers select siding, talk to your supplier to find out what’s available and how long the lead times for different siding options are. Knowing this information up front will help you guide your customers to a comfortable decision.

It’s now extra important to ensure that your material orders are accurate, regardless of whether you’re working on a new construction or remodeling project. Measure twice and double-check all the details of your order before submitting it. Production delays mean that replacing an incorrect order will take longer as well and could derail your project timeline. To safeguard your business from rising prices or material delays, update your contracts to provide flexibility.

Knowing what siding options are in style in 2023 will help you make informed recommendations to your customers. Learn more about the siding materials and manufacturers that ABC Supply offers here. Contact your local branch for more information about the products available and advice about the best materials for your job.


The ABC Supply Pro Council consists of experienced associates from across the U.S. Its aim is to provide contractors nationwide with industry advice and insights to help them seize opportunities and overcome challenges they face as they manage successful businesses. Contractors can visit ABC Supply’s News & Events for additional tips and resources from the Pro Council.


The information provided is for general informational purposes only. All information provided is in good faith, and is not intended as a substitute for obtaining accounting, tax, legal, or financial advice for a professional accountant or lawyer. Any opinions expressed are those of the author. ABC Supply makes no warranties of any kind, express or implied, regarding, the accuracy, adequacy, validity, reliability, availability, or completeness of any information provided herein. Any questions regarding the information provided should be addressed to the author.