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Top 5 Ways to Build Business Relationships and Boost Sales

January 08, 2019

How to Keep Customers Coming Back

In the busy construction industry, it’s easy to scratch a completed job off your list and move on to the next one. However, building relationships
is crucial to creating repeat customers and growing your business. Here are five ways you and your team can grow meaningful
business relationships for the long term.


 1. Make a Positive First Impression


It’s true that you don’t get a second chance at a first impression, so do everything you can
to make sure your first meeting is a positive one. Be respectful of your potential clients’ time
by showing up on schedule, shaking hands and getting to know the person before jumping
straight to your business pitch. Use our Freedom Programs to create apparel and stationery
with your company’s logo, creating a professional image for you and your business.


 2. Prove You Know Your Stuff

Establish yourself as a reliable expert and partner instead of just someone offering a one-time
service. Build trust with your customers by taking the time to understand them and making
suggestions about how to solve their pain points. You can even bring them to your local ABC
Supply Solution Center to show them samples of recommended products. They’ll appreciate
your thoughtfulness and remember your expertise when future projects come up.


 3. Give Customers More Purchasing Power

Consider offering your customers affordable financing and purchasing power to help them
take on bigger projects (and make you more money). If your company doesn’t offer
financing, see if your supplier does. For example, ABC Supply has its In-Home Financing
Freedom Program
. You’ll be able to empower your customers with more purchasing power,
which could also help increase the scope of jobs.


4. Highlight the Different Types of Services You Offer 

If you’ve diversified the types of services you offer, make sure your clients know that. Just
because a homeowner comes to you with a roofing project doesn’t mean they aren’t also
thinking about their siding, windows, gutters or doors.
Creating a value proposition that
details what your business can offer is a great way to show how you can meet your clients’


 5. Show Your Gratitude for Your Clients’ Time

It’s always a good idea to send a simple thank-you note after a meeting with a potential
customer, so they know that you value their time and business. Show your gratitude to
customers at the end of a project, too, by sending them a gift card to an area restaurant or
a bottle of wine.


By being a trusted adviser, giving customers purchasing power, highlighting all your services, making a good first impression and saying
thank you, you’ll build strong business relationships with your potential and existing customers. Visit our blog for more tips on
building your business.