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Improve Jobsite Safety With These 5 Resources

May 23, 2019

Use Apps, Sensors and Roofing Shoes to Protect Yourself and Your Teams  

As a contractor, the safety of your team is your top priority. Fortunately, there are apps and other resources available, such as safety
glasses and roofing shoes, to make it easier to manage a safe jobsite.


 1. StaySafe App

Contractor on jobsite

Your team members may be coming and going between jobsites throughout the day, so there could be
times when someone is working on their own. The StaySafe app offers a number of features to prompt
team members to regularly check in with project managers and communicate with others on the crew.
It also offers a panic button if team members find themselves in need of immediate assistance.


2. Site Sensors

Contractor viewing data from site sensors

Dangerous temperatures, gas leaks and noise levels are constant stressors on the jobsite. The good
news is that jobsite sensors can monitor for all of these things and more. The sensors can be set up
anywhere on the jobsite and can send alerts to phones or laptops if any site conditions are
approaching dangerous levels.


3. Safety Glasses

Roofing team members wearing safety glasses

Over 2,000 workers experience eye injuries every day while on the job. It goes without saying that
construction safety glasses are the best defense against eye injuries. Look for safety glasses made of
polycarbonate, which provides the best protection from impact. For sunny days, also have a pair of
safety-rated sunglasses to protect from both the sun’s rays and hazards on the job. The ABC Supply
catalog offers various options for eyewear that are safety rated.


4. NIOSH Ladder Safety App

Contractor walking up a ladder

In the United States, more than 500,000 people are treated for ladder-related injuries each year. The
NIOSH Ladder Safety App is an easy-to-use resource that improves extension and step ladder safety,
reducing the chance of a fall. The app has a range of features including a measurement tool that can
adjust ladders to the correct angle and a selection guide that identifies the right size and type of
ladder needed for a job.


5. Roofing Shoes

Roofer stacking shingles on a roof

For roofers, an essential piece of gear is roofing shoes. Not only do roofing shoes help protect
workers’ feet and knees from wear and tear, but they can also prevent falls by helping to better grip
the roof. Roofing shoes come in two forms: covers and work boots made specifically for roofers.
Covers strap onto existing boots to provide extra grip for walking around on a roof. Roofing shoes also
provide traction, and many have soles that protect against the heat or cold of the roof and provide
shock absorption for maximum comfort and safety.

Developments in construction gear have made it much easier for contractors to keep their teams safe and their businesses moving. Learn
more about how you can also improve jobsite security with these tips.