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2020 Siding Trends Contractors Should Know About

January 07, 2020

Choosing the Right Siding for a Home Has a Big Impact on Its Curb Appeal and Value

While you as the contractor will likely have a perspective on what decisions you think are best for the job, remember that a siding project is a big investment that your customers hope to only go through a handful of times. They’re likely feeling pressure to make the right decisions, so they’ve probably done a lot of research about design options and popular trends.

Make it clear that you are open to listening to your customers’ ideas. Even if you don’t agree with their initial choices, showing that you are open to collaboration will make the process easier. As every contractor knows, having a positive customer relationship where everyone is on the same page will more likely lead to a successful outcome and referrals to your business.Dark siding on a home

We talked to the ABC Supply Pro Council, a group of associates from across the U.S., about the siding trends they see. Aside from price point, which will always influence purchasing decisions, here are some things your customers may be thinking about or would want to know more about when choosing siding materials.

1. Dark, Bold Colors On The Rise

Historically, darker siding building materials easily faded. As a result, many homeowners opted for siding materials with light, neutral color palettes because they were less likely to fade. Today, manufacturers are successfully producing more siding color options than ever before and creating darker siding solutions that have reduced risks of fading.

As a result, homeowners are becoming more comfortable with selecting dark, bold siding materials that give their homes a clean, crisp look.

2. Increased Materials, Profiles and Textures

Another siding trend on the rise is an increase in blueprints that blend siding materials, profiles or textures. Homeowners are looking for more ways to help their homes stand out. As a result, they are becoming more comfortable with color variations and multiple styles of siding on different sections of a home’s exterior.

Here are a few siding trends to know about:

  • Contrasting light and dark tones. For example, light trim with dark siding.
  • Blending types of siding materials. For example, vinyl siding on the lower half of a home and cedar shakes on the upper half.Siding accents on a home
  • Combining profiles. An example includes vinyl or fiber cement siding on a house with two or more lap exposures on an elevation.
  • Mixing textures. In addition to using different siding materials, incorporating stone, brick or steel can add more contrast to a home’s exterior, helping it stand out in the neighborhood.

Combining multiple materials, textures or profiles can also add much-needed depth to a building, especially on large residential and multifamily facades.  

3. Siding Accents Help Homes Stand Out

For homeowners looking for additional ways to help their home’s exterior stand out, they may be interested in incorporating siding accents. Some common accents to consider:

  • Exterior trim and molding. At ABC Supply, a lot of contractors purchase PVC molding along with their vinyl siding orders.
  • Polyurethane or wood blocks, corbels and brackets.

ABC Supply branches offer a range of trims and accessories. Visit our branch locator to see what products are available at a location near you.

4. Durability No Longer a Benefit, It’s Expected

It’s no surprise that homeowners expect their siding to be low maintenance, and luckily many manufacturers use modern technology to produce siding materials that are easy to take care of.

For example, homeowners who are interested in wood siding may be interested in an engineered wood, fiber cement or a vinyl alternative. Wood-siding alternatives are not only easier to maintain, but they’ll withstand the elements and are less likely to crack, break and fade.  

5. Visualizer Tools Give Homeowners ConfidencePictureit screenshots

The most difficult part of choosing siding is often picturing what it will look like on a home. Tools like Pictureit from ABC Connect will allow you to virtually show your homeowners what their home could look like with different siding options and colors, giving them more confidence in their purchasing decisions.

For homeowners who also like to see — and touch — siding before making a decision, contractors are welcome to bring them into their local ABC Supply Solution Center, where they can see samples in person.  

Learn more about the siding materials and manufacturers that ABC Supply offers here. Contact your local branch for more information about the products available and advice about the best materials for your job.

ABC Supply associates can also help contractors take advantage of manufacturers’ published rewards programs that are available for certain types of siding materials.


ABC Pro CouncilThe ABC Supply Pro Council consists of experienced associates from across the U.S. Its aim is to provide contractors nationwide with industry advice and insights to help them seize opportunities and overcome challenges they face as they manage successful businesses. Contractors can visit ABC Supply’s blog for additional tips and resources from the Pro Council.