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myABCsupply: Changing the Game and Lightening the Load

November 18, 2020

Two customers share how this order management tool makes their jobs easier

Whether you’re placing one material order every day or 10, it’s important to get the right building materials delivered on time. An incorrect order or an unexpected delivery can disrupt your day or even derail a project. myABCsupply is an order management tool that’s helping ABC Supply’s customers place and review orders, track deliveries, pay invoices and more. Here are some of the ways our customers Fletcher Construction and Roofsimple are finding that myABCsupply is helping them do more with their time — whether they’re working from the office or the jobsite.

Streamline the Ordering Process  

Fletcher Construction, a Stafford, Virginia, company specializing in residential and commercial exterior construction, spent many years placing orders using a spreadsheet. Corey, one of the company’s project managers, would direct a team member to order certain materials. That team member would fill out a spreadsheet with the materials needed (along with colors and quantities) and email the form to the local ABC Supply branch for fulfillment. Because the order information would pass through a couple different people before reaching ABC Supply, human error would sometimes occur and an order would be incorrect.

Earlier this year, Fletcher Construction began using myABCsupply to place orders for roofing, siding, trim and gutters. Placing orders online through myABCsupply greatly simplified the process, reducing not only the amount of time needed to order materials but also the probability of human error. Using myABCsupply helped the company streamline their process.

“With myABCsupply, our orders are more accurate, and we can place them more quickly than when we used a manual process,” said Corey. “We’re also able to mark frequently ordered products as our favorites, which makes finding them within myABCsupply even easier.”

Roofsimple, a roofing company in Front Royal, Virginia, has also found success with the myABCsupply order feature. For Elizabeth, scheduling manager at Roofsimple, myABCsupply’s template feature is particularly helpful for frequently ordered materials. “With the templates, it’s easy to select different colors and quantities from the drop-down menu when we’re creating an order,” said Elizabeth.

Enhanced Collaboration and Project Management

Both Corey and Elizabeth have discovered other benefits to using myABCsupply as a project management tool.

Corey’s team accesses myABCsupply multiple times per day on both their desktop computers and mobile devices. He often begins the day by reviewing invoices in myABCsupply, and he uses the tool to track deliveries and retrieve delivery photos. Corey appreciates that he doesn’t have to rely on his team members for an update on an order, nor do they have to wait on an update from him. Through myABCsupply, they can all check the status of a delivery whenever they want.

MyABCsupply supports multiple user accounts for each company. The convenient collaboration feature allows you to manage which team members have access to the account and what information is accessible. With this feature, Elizabeth no longer has to pull invoices for Roofsimple’s finance department — they are able to log into the account themselves to see payment information.

Using myABCsupply hasn’t replaced the great personal relationships Elizabeth and Corey have with the associates at their ABC Supply locations. “We still have a strong relationship with our branch,” said Elizabeth. “They’re available to answer our questions and help with specialized orders.”

For both Corey and Elizabeth, myABCsupply is helping to make their jobs easier, so they can get more done in a day. “myABCsupply is a stress reliever,” said Corey. “I would recommend it to others, regardless of whether they’re placing orders once a week or multiple times per day.”

To experience how myABCsupply, as an online project management tool, can make your job easier, register here.