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Contractors Turn to Mobile Apps for Efficiency, Safety

October 16, 2018

Smartphones have become such a fixture in our lives that the average American spends 3 hours and 35 minutes per day on their phones according to eMarketer’s Mobile Time Spent Report 2018. In fact, 83 percent of contractors said mobile devices are important for their businesses, up 24 percent from five years ago, says the 2017 ConTech Report.

Applications, or apps as they are often called, have made smartphones more than a way to communicate. Contractors have found that apps help them work more efficiently and safely. Check out the following list of apps that you might find useful on your jobsite.

Project ManagementContractor look at his jobsite mobile app

  • AccuLynx provides cost estimates, product ordering, project information, documentation and messaging to keep everyone up-to-date and in the know about projects. This platform is offered in partnership with ABC Supply through the ABC Connect program. Contact AccuLynx for pricing.
  • The BuilderTrend builder app allows users to create daily logs, to-do lists, scheduling, budgets, purchase and change orders, and more from virtually anywhere—their truck, on the road or at the jobsite. Available on both iOS and Android devices. Programs start at $99.
  • EagleView Construct provides measurements and product pricing and allows users to create material lists, 3D modeling and documentation. This platform is offered in partnership with ABC Supply through the ABC Connect program. Contact EagleView for pricing.
  • e-Builder provides communication between teams, real-time project information, project documents, architectural drawings and photos to keep everyone and every detail up-to-date and moving along on schedule. Available on both iPhone and Android devices. Contact e-Builder for pricing.
  • Procore assists teams with accessing project information and provides real-time updates, scheduling and email tracking to ensure clients are receiving information and teams are aware of any changes. Available on both iOS and Android devices. Contact Procore for pricing.

Tracking Time

  • ExakTime’s Time Clock mobile app allows employees to clock in and out and track their time on a job. It’s geolocated, so supervisors can see job locations at the time of tracking. Available on both iOS and Android devices. Contact ExakTime for pricing.
  • Timesheet Mobile is a geofenced mobile app to remind employees to clock in or out of a job when they are at the location and notifies supervisors of the action. It allows time-off scheduling, reports and more, so employees and supervisors are aware of scheduling needs. Available on both iOS and Android devices. Pricing starts at $3.49 per employee plus $14.99 for a company subscription.
  • The AboutTime app tracks employees when they clock in and out of work. It evaluates productivity, supervisor sign-offs, offline tracking, equipment tracking and is GPS enabled. Available on both iOS and Android devices. Pricing varies based on the number of employees who use the system.


  • The FallSafety Pro builder app detects falls and sends notifications to emergency contacts providing information as quickly as it happens. This keeps contactors safe because it recognizes falls as soon as they happen, alerting others for help. Available for both iOS and Android devices. The app is free with limited features; pro options are available at custom pricing.
  • The OSHA Heat Safety Tool app evaluates the heat index, provides real-time data and shares what contractors will feel when working in that weather, so they can make informed decisions about what teams will experience working outside. This free app is a collaboration between OSHA and the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health. It is available on iOS and Android devices.
  • SafeSite allows contractors to log hazards on the go through their phones. See a safety issue, log it and the app will notify those who are responsible for the risk. This app minimizes risks and improves fast-acting response to hazards. Available for both iOS and Android devices. This is a free app.

These mobile apps are great resources for streamlining processes and keeping contractors safe. ABC Supply adds another layer of technology for contractors with ABC Connect. This program integrates with industry software allowing contractors to calculate costs, create estimates, access virtual photo renderings and manage invoicing. Learn how ABC Connect helps contractors save time on the ABC Supply blog.