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Market Your Business to Reach More Prospects

June 04, 2020

While it may be a little tougher to market your services to prospective homeowners in light of the coronavirus outbreak, there are some simple steps you can take to reach homeowners looking for help with home improvement projects.


1. Reach Prospective Customers at Home

Consider adding a direct mail program to your marketing efforts to show off your services. ABC Supply’s Freedom Programs offer assistance in creating customized and targeted mailings that deliver results.


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2. Update Your Website

Ensure your website is up to date with your services and capabilities, eye-catching photos of past projects, contact information and details on how you may be adjusting business in light of the coronavirus. If you need help building a website, ABC Supply offers help through our Freedom Programs.


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3. Be Active on Social Media

Thanks to social distancing efforts, nearly 50% of internet users are spending more time on social media. Reach prospective customers on social media by regularly posting in-progress shots, photos of completed projects and relevant company news.


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4. Sell Virtually and Visually

If you can’t meet homeowners in person, use video conferencing to make your conversations with customers more personal. Incorporate visuals in your marketing materials and sales presentations that will help sell your services without being on the jobsite. Lots of technologies, such as EagleView and Pictureit, exist to help you create estimates or visual renderings.


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5. Offer Financing Options

In an uncertain economy, homeowners may be looking for financing options in order to take on a large project. On your website and in your sales presentations, include information on in-home financing programs, like GreenSky®, that can help make it easier to afford home improvement projects.


Looking for more tips on marketing your business during the coronavirus outbreak? Learn more about our Freedom Programs or the other ways that we’re supporting our customers.