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Make Virtual Meetings More Personal

May 20, 2020

With more conversations taking place over the phone and email, it can be challenging to really connect with your customers and build relationships. The good news is that by using these tips, you can still build trust with homeowners.


Video icon1. Use Video When Possible

Instead of a phone call or email, use a video conferencing service like Zoom, FaceTime or Skype to meet with clients. Seeing each other’s faces will make the meeting feel more personal, and you can screenshare documents, including estimates and measurements that you’ve done remotely, to help customers follow along as you explain the details of the project.


Conversation icon2. Start Each Meeting With Conversation

It can be tough to get to know new customers from a distance. Before you start each meeting, take a few minutes to ask your customer how they’re doing to get to know them better and show you care.


Share visuals icon3. Share Visuals to Bring Projects to Life

Use a visual rendering tool like Pictureit to customize your presentation to actually depict the customer’s home featuring different siding, roofing or windows. 



Questions icon4. Pause for Questions

On a video call, it’s easy to continue talking until you’ve presented all your information. Remember to pause regularly for questions and discussion — it’ll show you value their input and keep you both on the same page.



Thinking icon5. Anticipate More Questions

There’s a lot of uncertainty about how to tackle projects as coronavirus restrictions and guidelines change. Plan to answer questions and manage expectations about your safety plan and how the coronavirus will affect a project’s timeline, progress and processes.



Thank-you icon6. End Each Meeting With a Thank-You

Similar to starting each meeting by getting to know your customer, end each meeting by thanking them for their time. They’ll appreciate your caring attitude during these stressful times.


Looking for more tools to help conduct business during the coronavirus outbreak? Read our blog or reach out to your local ABC Supply team for more advice.