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Hail Damage Repair: How Contractors Can Weather the Storm

July 29, 2020

Tips for Successful Hailstorm Restoration Work

Storm restoration is a tough job, and each type of storm brings a unique set of challenges. When a storm brings extensive hail damage, the contractors who act quickly are often the ones who are able to be most helpful to affected homeowners – and benefit as a result. Being able to act fast after a hailstorm all depends on how prepared you and your team are.

These three tips will help you successfully navigate your next hailstorm restoration job:

1. Work With the Right Building Materials Supplier

You’re likely not the only contractor who’s hustling to begin storm restoration work after hail damage occurs. Other teams also need building materials and supplies quickly. Before the storm hits, get ahead by building a relationship with a supplier that can keep up with the demand and efficiently provide the materials you need. ABC Supply has a broad portfolio of products and a nationwide network that allows us to get you the materials you need when you need them. Our delivery promise means that you’ll receive your order complete, on time and without unauthorized substitutions.

2. Reach Out to Homeowners

Hailstorms can often come out of nowhere, so homeowners are unlikely to be prepared to find a reliable contractor once they experience damage. Help them find you by sending targeted postcards. You can also send your team out — dressed professionally in branded apparel that represents your company — to help take care of homeowners’ immediate needs, like covering damaged areas with tarps and plywood.

Be sure to train your team on safely communicating with homeowners during this period of social distancing. The care they show will help keep them and the community safe and establish your company as careful and trustworthy.

3. Be an Advocate With Insurance

Dealing with hail damage is stressful. Many homeowners have never had to deal with the storm restoration process before and will likely have a lot of questions about working with their insurance to pay for repairs. Some homeowners may be wondering whether they should use their insurance money now to pay for repairs or save it for later. Educate them on how insurance funds often work — there’s usually a time limit for repairs an insurance company provides. Plus, if they don’t make repairs now, they likely won’t be eligible for any insurance money down the line if the damage causes more problems. Providing homeowners guidance on navigating insurance will help strengthen your relationship with them.

ABC Supply Delivery TruckBe an advocate with the insurance company and offer to double-check the adjuster’s claims. Adjusters will often calculate the cost based on the square footage of the area that needs repair. However, they may not take into account the cost of additional tasks, like cleaning, so the insurance funds may not cover the cost of the whole project. Provide the homeowner with talking points they can use when talking with their insurance adjuster to ensure they’re able to take full advantage of their insurance benefits. Showing the homeowner you’re on their side will help further to build their trust in you and your company.

It’s important to act quickly and efficiently when hail damage occurs in your community. Each storm is an opportunity to not only help a customer feel comfortable in their home again but also to learn lessons you can apply to the next job. Check out our blog for more tips on reflecting and learning after a storm.