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Storm Protection: What You Need to Know About Windows and Roofing

April 08, 2019

Storm season is right around the corner. From hail damage to windows shattered by flying debris, storms can really wreak havoc on homes. Homeowners can get ahead of potential damage by building or remodeling their houses with storm protection in mind. With the right knowledge, you can guide them to the best storm protection products.

While some areas of the country are paying more attention to storm protection than others, it’s important for all contractors to know about the products available to help protect customers’ homes. There’s a lot to know, so we talked to the ABC Supply Pro Council, a group of associates from across the U.S., about the trends they’re seeing in storm protection.

Insurance Companies Drive Storm Protection

When it comes to storm protection, insurance companies are largely driving the demand for more durable products. Many insurance providers offer discounts to homeowners and business owners who take certain measures to ensure their homes and businesses are protected from storm activity. Similarly, homeowners are driving the demand for storm protection even when insurance companies don’t offer incentives for adding a new, more durable roof to their homes.

Homeowners Want Impact-Resistant Windows to Protect Against More Than Just Storms

Homeowners are more often choosing to have their impact-resistant windows tinted or coated to minimize heat transfer and decrease their home’s heating and cooling costs.  

Coated windows prevent heat energy from passing through the glass while allowing light energy to pass through into the home.

Tinted windows are a more cost-effective way to prevent heat transfer. Tinted glass will absorb incoming heat energy, although how much energy is absorbed depends on the color of the windows. Gray and bronze tinted windows absorb the most heat, but they absorb some light as well. Blue and green tinted windows let more light through, but they don’t absorb quite as much heat.

More tips contractors should know about impact-resistant windows:

  • Different windows carry different warranties, but keep in mind that windows should last about 15–20 yearsRoofer reroofing after a storm
  • Aluminum window frames are a great option for areas particularly vulnerable to storms, like the Florida coast, because they are very strong and weather resistant

Roofing Materials Are Becoming More Durable to Combat Hail Damage

ABC Supply associates have seen an increased interest in SBS shingles, which add rubberized polymer to the asphalt that traditional shingles are made from. The resulting shingles are more durable, more rain resistant and provide better impact protection from hail and debris.

More tips contractors should know about roofing and storm protection:

  • Impact resistance ratings are beginning to be used in the roofing industry. While many products are simply labeled as “storm resistant,” some manufacturers are starting to note when their products are Class 4—the highest level of impact resistance
  • For homeowners concerned about hail damage, metal roofing can be a good option—it’s tough and highly resistant to hail damage

Whether your customers are interested in impact-resistant windows or more durable roofing materials, ABC Supply can be a great resource for more information. We even work with manufacturers to offer training sessions and seminars on the latest exterior building materials, so contractors can learn tips and installation techniques. Storm season is busy, so we offer frequent trainings during the winter months, allowing you to get ahead during your slow season.

Visit our blog for more tips, such as how to add insurance restoration work to your business or how to help homeowners prepare for hurricane season.


ABC Supply Pro CouncilThe ABC Supply Pro Council consists of experienced associates from across the U.S. Its aim is to provide contractors nationwide with industry advice and insights to help them seize opportunities and overcome challenges they face as they manage successful businesses. Contractors can visit ABC Supply’s blog for additional tips and resources from the Pro Council.