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How Contractors Can Conquer 3 Business Challenges

March 13, 2018

As a contractor, you’ve got a lot on your plate—and not much of it is easy! We put together a list of resources and tips that can help you overcome some of the business challenges you face—such as recruiting young workers, successfully adopting technology and managing indecisive clients—so that you can focus your time and energy completing building and remodeling projects.

Challenge 1: Recruiting and Retaining Younger Crew Members


As the average age of a construction worker keeps increasing, it’s more important than ever to recruit and retain younger skilled workers. Here are some tips for enticing people to join—and stay—on your crew:

  • Hiring Tips: Social media is intertwined with Millennials so it’s a great place to showcase your company’s culture and values—something Millennials care deeply about. Share photos on your social channels from employee recognition events, company picnics or training sessions to capture their attention and get them thinking about what it would be like to work for you.
  • Retention Tips: Once you’ve attracted some younger members to your team, keep them around by providing training and professional development opportunities, giving frequent and honest feedback, and offering a healthy work-life balance.Contractor with crew on a tablet

Challenge 2: Controlling Costs


Throughout the course of a project, there are many moments when a budget plan could derail. However, the more time you spend stressing about budget, the less time you’re focusing on completing the job. The good news is that ABC Connect provides tools to help keep your budgets and payments on track, from helping to create accurate estimates to conveniently accessing your invoices. Best of all, you don’t have to stress about getting these things done while you’re in the office, since this technology allows you to use these tools anytime, anywhere.

  • AccuLynx: This program helps you accurately estimate using your ABC contractor pricing, order products, and manage material and labor costs.
  • Eagleview Construct™: Estimate and order using real-time ABC products and pricing right from the jobsite! You can use the integrated roof measurement tool to determine material lists and avoid over- or under-ordering materials. You can even print off a report to make sharing proposals with the homeowner easy.
  • Online Account Access: The ABC Supply customer portal provides 24/7 access to invoice and billing information, including payment history, to help make accounting a breeze.

Challenge 3: Dealing With Indecisive Customers


Indecisive customers can be a challenge when you’re trying to run a job efficiently. ABC Supply offers a couple services that can help you help your customers confidently make decisions on which products to choose.

  • Pictureit: Our virtual remodeling tool allows contractors to upload a photo of the home or use an image from our gallery and alter parts of it, like the siding, roofing and windows, to see what the home will look like with different products.
  • Solution Centers: Our enhanced showrooms include comprehensive product displays and samples. Seeing the products in
    person can make it easier for a wavering homeowner to make a decision.ABC Supply Solution Center

Need additional advice for working with indecisive clients or answering difficult project questions? Check out this post.

For more ideas about how ABC Supply’s resources can make your job easier, reach out to the associates at your local branch. You can also check out our blog for more tips on navigating challenges.