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Celebrate National Construction Appreciation Week, Sept. 14-18

September 14, 2020

4 Ways to Show Appreciation for Your Team

Though every community in America is unique, they all share one common thread: They were built from the ground up by those in the construction industry. In fact, our modern society looks and functions the way it does because of the countless hours that skilled men and women across the country spent on jobsites like yours.

Your team shows up early morning after early morning, pushing past physical and mental challenges and working through unpredictable weather to get the job done. It's easy for the hard work and sacrifices made by your team to be taken for granted in the day-to-day shuffle. Now is the time to acknowledge that their role in our industry powers our communities and neighborhoods.

At ABC Supply, we’re proud to be part of the construction industry and thankful for the relationships we have with contractors and manufacturers throughout it. If you’re looking for ideas to show your appreciation for your team during National Construction Appreciation Week, September 14-18, check out these ideas:

1. Treat the Team


One of the simplest ways to show your gratitude is through gifts, so treat your team or subcontractors to some goodies throughout the week – you usually can’t go wrong with food. Order lunch during the week or give the team a gift card to a local restaurant. (During times when social distancing is necessary, restaurant gift cards are great alternatives.) Hand out logo’d merchandise and let them show off their company pride. You can even sponsor a company golf tournament. Gifting the team in these little ways can garner appreciation for management and deepen team camaraderie.

2. 1x1 Time

Dedicate time throughout the week to show your team members you’re invested in their individual futures with the company. Organize a short, sit-down meeting with each person on the team to discuss their goals and a plan of action to achieve them. Additionally, make sure to recognize their progress over the last year. By doing so, you can build stronger relationships with your workers and potentially raise retention rates.

3. Make Their Morning

Get the team excited each morning by creating a fun atmosphere as they arrive to the jobsite. One easy way to do this is by playing upbeat music. In addition to enhancing people’s moods, music can increase their productivity. Satisfy their morning hunger by setting up a breakfast area that offers coffee, donuts, juice and bagels. Most importantly, make small talk with them as they enter the jobsite. Ask them about themselves or how their family is doing. Try to get their day started off right so they can carry that positive mindset all throughout the day.

4. Say Thank You

A genuine thank you and acknowledgment of the work your team puts in for you goes a long way. You know each person is a valuable asset to your team, so make them feel that way. Say thank you by giving deserving individuals a public kudos at a meeting. Send them a handwritten card or note recognizing their accomplishments. Get the team involved by asking them to nominate their peers for a variety of meaningful and fun awards. Giving out recognition to your workers can fuel their motivation to improve or maintain their good work.

Of course, these are not the only ways you can let your team know their work is being noticed, but it’s a solid start. While it’s great to show thanks during this week, it’s also important to continue showing them your appreciation throughout the year.

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