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6 Ways ABC Supply’s Fleet Delivers Guaranteed Service

August 14, 2020

How ABC Supply Fulfills Its Delivery Promise for Your Jobsite

A critical step to successful projects happens before your team sets foot on the jobsite: product delivery. If materials are late or an order is wrong, precious time is lost and can potentially set back the current project and even future projects.

From on-time guarantees and delivery notifications to world-class ABC Supply trucks, here are six ways our fleet delivers.


1. Guaranteed On-Time Delivery

ABC Supply Fleet

A successful delivery is not one that is merely fulfilled correctly; it also has to be on time. ABC Supply promises that your time-sensitive order will arrive within 30 minutes of the scheduled delivery time, keeping you and your business moving efficiently.

If it looks like your delivery will arrive more than 30 minutes before or after the set time, ABC will notify you immediately. Having accurate, up-to-date information will allow you to adjust your schedule as needed, as soon as possible.


2. Complete Orders Are the Only Orders

ABC Supply associates check material on truck

We know that a full, complete order is crucial for your business — because it is for ours, too. That’s why we double-check every load that leaves our yard, confirming that you’re receiving the exact materials you ordered.

In the unlikely event your order can’t be shipped complete, you will receive a call from your ABC Supply branch to give you a heads up. They’ll also let you know when you can expect your remaining materials.


3. No Brand Substitutions

ABC Supply associate talking with a contractor

There is a reason you choose some brands over others for certain jobs. That’s why our goal is to supply you with the brands you requested. If a particular brand is not in stock, we are happy to suggest comparable products. We will not make the substitution without your permission.


4. A World-Class Fleet Tailored to Your Jobsite Needs

ABC Supply associates loading a roof

ABC Supply’s fleet has the equipment to get your supplies right where you need them. From boom trucks for elevated spaces and surfaces to flatbeds and box trucks, our fleet ensures that your materials are delivered to your jobsite — big or small — with utmost care and protection. The ABC Supply fleet varies at all locations. Contact your nearest branch to find out what delivery options are available to you.


5. A Return Policy That Works for You

ABC Supply associate with contractor

Sometimes, the wrong material was ordered, or there is excess. Customers returning a product within 30 days of purchase with the receipt may be eligible to receive full refunds. ABC Supply also provides on-site pickup for any qualifying returns. Visit our return policy page for more information on what deems a return qualified or non-qualified.


6. Service Assurance With Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

ABC Supply associate on the phone with a contractor

Need to talk to a customer service representative about your delivery? Branch managers are able to answer most questions, but in the rare event your situation can’t be addressed you can call our toll-free customer satisfaction hotline. We also routinely reach out to customers with our customer satisfaction survey, so that we can ensure the best service moving forward.


The ABC Supply fleet and delivery services are designed to make your job easier. Our guaranteed delivery promise of roofing supplies, building materials and more will help you nail that next project. Keep visiting the ABC Supply blog to learn more about how we can help you build your business.