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6 Must-Haves for Your Tech Toolbox

November 25, 2019

Find Out What Construction Technology You Should Have At The Ready

It’s no secret that technology is changing the way contractors do business. With so many tech products on the market, it’s not always easy determining which ones
are the most essential to your business. 

Though each contractor will need to make decisions that are right for their business, there are some clear frontrunners that should be on everyone’s short list. From
safety and accuracy to project management and communication, here are six tech tools that are already making a big impact on the industry — and could be doing
the same for you.


1. Safety Apps

OSHA Safety App
Managing a safe worksite is one of the most important responsibilities you have, and one of the most useful tools for
that is right in your pocket. There are plenty of free safety apps, like the one offered by OSHA, that you can download.
They can perform all kinds of crucial functions, ranging from testing worksite conditions (e.g., decibel levels) to providing
first-aid reference guides to help record information for OSHA incidents.


2. Drones

Drone on a construction site

Using drones for aerial imaging increases efficiency on a jobsite by getting accurate specs of the work and allowing you to
provide more proactive updates to your customers. In addition to providing real-time images of a jobsite, drones also
make it possible to get an accurate visual inspection of a roof remotely. This removes the risk of injury and additional
damage that could come with you or your crew climbing on roofs.


3. Infrared Cameras

Infrared camera home remodel

High-powered infrared cameras enable you to see the thermal levels of structures. This construction technology lets you
locate faulty or vulnerable areas that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to see — with a high degree of accuracy. Using this
tool can also save you headaches and your customers money by identifying specific issues like punctures or gaps in roofs.


4. Storm-Tracking Programs

Weather tracking apps

Your readiness to handle storm remediation projects that follow severe weather can significantly impact your bottom line.
That’s why it’s important to use storm-tracking programs that predict, track and alert you to severe weather events with
a high degree of accuracy. By getting ahead of storms, you can make sure that your business is stocked with the
materials needed to assist customers with the damage that follows severe weather. 


5. myABCsupply

Your customers and crew are counting on you to know the status of each and every project. But when you’re constantly 

moving from one job to the next, keeping up with all your orders and deliveries can be a challenge. That’s why we created
a tool called myABCsupply that helps with the following:

  • Order Details At Your Fingertips
    • Confirm order details before deliveries are made and filter orders by date, type or status. 
  • Detailed Delivery Information
    • Keep your team on track and customers informed by checking the status of current deliveries. Plus, get
      delivery photos when you need them most. 
  • Billing, Simplified
    • View statements, pay invoices and download information directly into your existing accounting software. 
  • Collaboration Made Easy
    • Add additional users to your account and decide each team member’s level of access.


6. ABC Connect

Pictureit rendering

Incorporating online technology lets you get out of the office and in front of your customers, where you can make the
biggest impact for your business. ABC Supply offers ABC Connect, an online program that integrates the company’s
products and real-time pricing with leading business industry software. Here are some of the ways ABC Connect can
save you time and money as part of your contractor toolbox:

  • AccuLynx Quick Order
    • AccuLynx connectivity gives you access to ABC Supply’s products and pricing 24/7, allowing you to create
      estimates with accurate prices and place orders anytime, anywhere. That way, you can keep your process
      streamlined and even update your customers in real time.
  • EagleView Construct™
    • This program makes it possible for you to integrate aerial roof imagery and wall measurement reports with
      real-time pricing. It allows you to create materials lists and generate orders when it’s convenient for you. By
      removing the need to interpret handwritten information or hand sketches, you’ll experience greater efficiency
      and a reduced number of ordering errors that come from misinterpreting information.
  • Pictureit
    • Pictureit allows you to create photo renderings of projects using ABC Supply’s extensive collection of roofing,
      siding and windows. This makes it easier to help your customer visualize projects, make confident decisions
      and may help prevent miscommunication.


These tech tools are powerful in vastly different ways, but they share one common thread: They have the potential to make a positive impact on your business,
both today and tomorrow.

While you are learning more about the tech tools you can use on the job, your customers are also using technology to learn more about the construction process.
Read more about how contractors can guide today’s more-informed customer.