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4 Window Trends That Are On The Rise

January 07, 2020

See What Styles, Colors and Benefits Homeowners Want

Choosing which windows to purchase can be a big decision for homeowners. Additionally, the decision is often made early in a building or remodeling project because windows are ordered specifically for the home or building and require longer lead times. This makes choosing the right windows for the job crucial.

We asked ABC Supply associates throughout the country to tell us about the window trends they’re seeing.

1. Dark ColorsHome with dark window frames

Frames in dark colors, like black and bronze, are one of today’s biggest window trends, as their neutral color pairs well with many different styles. Dark-colored window frames add contrast to a home and draw attention to the windows. If a house has a dark-colored roof or doors, matching dark window frames can pull all the elements of the home’s exterior together. Dark-colored frames are available in many materials, including wood, fiberglass and vinyl, so choosing a dark color won’t limit your customers’ options.

2. Mid-Century Modern Styles

You may be familiar with the popular architecture style of mid-century modern. It borrows from the style of homes that were popular in the mid-1900s, and includes sleek lines and an emphasis on pulling the outdoors in. The rise of mid-century modern design has led to an increasing trend in homes featuring large, linear windows with big swaths of glass. Some homeowners enjoy floor-to-ceiling windows because they let in lots of natural light and can frame a beautiful view in a homeowner’s yard.

In the past, large windows meant drafty homes and high energy bills, but recent innovations in window and home construction mean windows are now better barriers to the elements. One consideration to keep in mind when your customers ask for large, open windows is they’ll need to have rigid and strong lightweight aluminum frames to minimize deflection.

3. Impact-Resistant Windows

Protecting their homes from hurricanes and tropical storms is likely top of mind for customers in coastal areas. Many times, code requirements state that homeowners need impact-resistant windows when building or remodeling. Impact-resistant windows offer additional storm protection for a home.

Even outside of coastal areas, impact-resistant windows are popular. As with hurricanes, these windows can reduce the damage caused by high winds and tornadoes. Impact-resistant windows are also a great security measure. Thieves cannot easily break this specialty glass and enter a home or business.

4. Energy-Efficient Options

In line with building trends overall, energy-efficient window options have been on the rise for years. For remodelers looking to upgrade windows, but who are limited by the existing window opening size, premium energy-efficient windows may be the way to go.Home with large windows

While energy-efficient windows typically cost more upfront, they can yield savings for homeowners. In fact, replacing a home’s windows with energy-efficient ones can help homeowners save on the cost of heating and cooling their homes, and there are even tax incentives for choosing them. Adding energy-efficient windows can also increase a home’s resale value. Help your customers decide if energy-efficient windows are right for them by talking through these factors.

ABC Supply Is Your Window Resource

When helping a homeowner pick out windows, ABC Supply is a great resource. Not only do we carry a large selection of brands, but our associates also have the expertise to help you find the options that fit your customers’ price points and needs. You can even bring your customers into your local ABC Supply Solution Center to view samples, making their decision easier.

Even if a location doesn’t have window samples for you to view, our associates have ways of helping you and your customer visualize the product. Pictureit software allows contractors and homeowners to upload photos of houses and see how they would look with different types of windows. Associates may even refer you to a home in the area that has the windows your customer is interested in.

If you’re unsure about how to install a particular window, ABC Supply associates can point you toward resources that will help. Check out the manufacturer’s website or YouTube page for the best information and tutorials on a specific window product. Some ABC Supply locations even set up training sessions with the manufacturer that contractors can attend to learn more about installing various window products.

Be sure to check out the ABC Supply blog for more tips on the latest trends in building materials, like siding and roofing.


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