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3 Ways Contractors Can Provide Better Customer Service

November 12, 2018

Contractors have a lot on their plates—from responding to customer questions and concerns to managing their teams to ensuring they have the right materials for the job. Juggling all these tasks while trying to efficiently complete a project can be a challenge.

Even with all this pressure to complete projects as quickly as possible, it’s still important to take the time to really listen to each customer and provide the best solutions for them. Consider these tips to provide great customer service. After all, a satisfied customer can lead to positive online reviews and referrals and, ultimately, more business for you.Contractor talking with couple

1. Recommend More Durable Building Materials

From hail to snow to hurricanes, storm activity seems to only be increasing. This means that you may continue to have insurance restoration business throughout the year, or, at a minimum, your customers may be interested in building materials that will be more resilient in future storm events.

As the expert in durable product solutions, it pays to demonstrate your expertise by making smart recommendations that keep your customers’ best interests at heart. Consider recommending more resilient siding and roofing products that can weather future storms.

Looking for the right building materials for your local area’s conditions? Visit an ABC Supply Solution Center to chat with associates who can make localized recommendations. You can even bring your customers along and look through samples of materials, which can help make the decision-making process easier.

2. Suggest Energy-Efficient Solutions

From light bulbs to appliances, energy-saving products continue to be top of mind for homeowners and businesses alike. Sustainable building materials are also something clients are considering in construction.  

Whether your customers are in an area with energy-efficient regulations (like the California energy code, Title 24), have an opportunity to receive solar tax credits or simply want to bring down their energy bills, the green movement will continue to affect construction projects nationwide. According to Roofing Contractor’s State of the Industry Report, the residential solar market alone is expected to grow by 44 percent in the next year.

ABC Supply offers a variety of products from siding to roofing and insulation that can provide energy-saving improvements to your customers’ projects. Additionally, Norandex’s energy-conserving eXtreme™ window line offers sustainable solutions. Pro tip: Add tinting to glass to reduce solar heat gain and to protect flooring, carpeting and furniture—all without obstructing the outside view.

3. Bring More Technology Into Your BusinessContractor using tablet on job site

Bringing technology into your business will increase your efficiency and give you the option to work anytime, anywhere, allowing you to provide the best customer service possible.

Yes, the idea of bringing technology into your business may require a workflow change. But just as you are there for your customers to walk them through big decisions, your supplier is there for you, too.

We offer ABC Connect, an online program that integrates with trusted business-management systems that contractors are already using. By making it easier for contractors to create estimates and place orders, we can help you run your projects more efficiently. ABC Connect also integrates with our Pictureit software to allow contractors to use their product offerings to create virtual photo renderings that can shorten the customer decision cycle.

ABC Supply is here to help you discover which products and tools are right for the job, and we are always happy to help identify opportunities to help you provide the best customer service possible.

Check out our blog for more tips on serving your customers, whether you’re looking for help guiding more-informed customers or advice on how to overcome challenges when working with them.