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Work Hard, Have Fun

Ken and Diane Hendricks believed in the dignity of hard work and the results that it produced. They believed that anything was possible for those who did more than expected, made the extra effort and never gave up. Ken and Diane also knew the value of having fun in the workplace, of an environment that, when combined with hard work, makes success more meaningful.

Working hard means more than simply giving additional effort; it represents attitude and desire. It reflects a “do what needs to be done” mentality, a willingness to roll up your sleeves and solve problems, and a need to get the job done right. Hard workers set standards and examples for other associates, build team spirit and help eliminate weak links. They exhibit passion and willingness and are never satisfied. They know that nothing worthwhile is easy.

A fun atmosphere encourages energetic, enthusiastic associates who want to come to work each day to enjoy each other’s company. We enjoy the positive energy every individual brings and believe in sharing this attitude with our customers and suppliers. We sponsor events and activities that build relationships both in and out of the workplace. Working together and celebrating successes as a team strengthen these relationships.

Together, working hard and having fun open doors to achievement, success and fulfillment. When we give our best, we show respect for our customers and ourselves. Working hard and having fun reveal our potential, our character and our passion. They are proof that we care about what we do and who we are. They demonstrate our commitment to our company and to one another.