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Respect is the most important of ABC’s core values.  It is the foundation of our company.  It is what makes us different.  It is the secret to our success.

Ken and Diane Hendricks knew from personal experience that the people in our industry are often under-appreciated and their talents and dedication undervalued.  In founding ABC, they were driven by a simple idea: build a company that would give these hard-working people the respect they deserve.

Ken and Diane understood that, in order to succeed, they needed to help their customers succeed.  They knew it should start with genuine respect.  Great companies are built upon, and powered by, respect: respect for customers and respect for each other.

At ABC, we respect our customers.  We believe in them.  We understand them.  We trust them.  We form personal relationships with them.  We take risks with them.  We work with them to help them succeed.

At ABC, we respect each other.  We are open and honest.  We trust in, rely on, and support each other as members of a high performance team.  We hold ourselves to high standards because we believe we are up to any challenge.

Respect is the secret to finding the potential that exists within all people from all walks of life and from all backgrounds.  By respecting and tapping into this potential, we will ensure the long-term success of our associates, our customers and our company.