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We value opportunity because each person’s success enriches us all.  Ken Hendricks believed that “every person has within themselves the ability to do great things,” so we all share the responsibility to give every associate a chance to succeed.

We create opportunities every day – to learn, to share knowledge and experience, to advance.  We make investments in each other that create a wealth of opportunities for all of us.  Maximizing opportunities at ABC requires effort, but for those who have the drive, determination and willingness to work hard, opportunities will exist.  While efforts do not always produce results, we believe that is okay, because people should take chances and learn from their mistakes.

Personal growth and prosperity should not be limited by where someone comes from, how much education they have, or who they know – only by how big they can dream and how determined they are to reach their dream. We have leaders who started in entry-level positions, and front-line associates who may be our next leaders.  They all have the chance to accomplish more, as well as the obligation to allow others that same opportunity.  This cycle strengthens our company, our suppliers, our customers and our communities.

At ABC, we create opportunities that help make the American Dream possible.