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Give Back

No one reaches their goals or becomes successful in a vacuum. We all depend on each other, our communities, and our country to help us grow, achieve and prosper. At ABC, we understand that with success comes the responsibility to give back. We feel a responsibility to invest in the communities, institutions and people that have touched our lives.

Ken Hendricks believed that nothing should ever be wasted and that we should be resourceful in improving our communities. Whenever possible, ABC pays tribute to the commitment and hard work of those who came before us. One way we do this is by refurbishing, remodeling, and finding new uses for buildings or properties in distress. This honors and preserves the history of our communities while building and protecting our future.

ABC encourages its associates to make contributions of their time and talents and to give financial support to the countless organizations that make a difference in America and in the world. These contributions allow us to perpetuate the opportunities we have enjoyed. Giving back not only expresses gratitude for our blessings, it makes our communities better places to live, work and grow.