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Entrepreneurial Spirit

“Entrepreneurial” is a word often used to describe our founders, Ken and Diane Hendricks.  Entrepreneurs are restless and energetic.  They are unwilling to accept “it cannot be done” as an answer. They pursue innovation and push the limits to find solutions because they are not willing to accept the status quo.  Courage and imagination fuel their progress.

Ken and Diane identified a need, and with it, an opportunity.  They took a fragmented independent roofing and siding distribution industry and built a large-scale, reliable and efficient national distribution empire.  That was their vision, their dream.  Making that dream a reality presented many challenges, but none so great it couldn’t be overcome with limitless determination and an endless supply of motivation.

The spirit of entrepreneurship is encouraged throughout our organization.  At every level, our associates are encouraged and trusted to think creatively and be innovative in finding solutions. Exploring new ideas, identifying opportunities, assessing risks and taking action are not only desired, they are expected.

Entrepreneurial spirit is the value that enables our company to look beyond accepted boundaries and to continuously find new ways to improve our value to our associates, our customers and our communities.