ABC Supply Inaugurates Annual Founders' Celebration

Posted May 26, 2010

ABC Supply Co. Inc. will hold a month-long Founders’ Celebration in June to honor its co-founders, Ken and Diane Hendricks, and to highlight the core values on which they built the company.

This inaugural Founders’ Celebration will be marked with special events at all ABC Supply locations nationwide and at the company’s National Support Center headquarters in Beloit.

The company’s core values – Respect, Opportunity, Work Hard - Have Fun, Entrepreneurial Spirit, Family, Give Back and American Pride – are a reflection of Ken and Diane Hendricks’ personal values, said Kim Hendricks, vice president of organizational development for ABC Supply.

David Luck, ABC Supply’s chief executive officer and president, explained, “We believe that the success of ABC Supply has been the result of embracing the values that Ken promoted and encouraged every day and that Diane continues to champion.”

“With Ken’s passing in 2007, we felt we needed to formally identify and document the company’s purpose, mission and values to ensure that they continue to be the foundation for the company’s future growth and development,” he added.“Holding an annual Founders’ Celebration will help keep our associates connected to our core values and communicate the importance of those values to associates who are new to the company,” Kim Hendricks said. “This annual observance should also highlight how our values positively influence our relationships with our customers and our suppliers.”

Each branch will plan and host its own Founders’ Celebration events – one for associates and for its contractor customers, vendors and other community partners – ensuring that the events reflect the store’s unique personality, traditions, community and creative flair. Contractors and vendors are encouraged to contact their ABC Supply branch to get additional information about their local event and learn more about the Founders’ Celebration.

The company will also unveil a new honor – the Ken Hendricks Award – to be presented annually to individual associates, groups of associates, customers or vendors “who have consistently demonstrated the heart and character that is true to the core values of ABC Supply,” Kim Hendricks said. “The award will recognize consistent excellence in performance, leadership, initiative, innovation or other contributions.”

The inaugural Ken Hendricks Awards will be presented during Founders’ Celebration 2011.