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Pro Council Advice for Contractors Facing Challenges in 2019

August 21, 2019

Tips on Combating the Labor Shortage, Handling Material Costs and Increasing Cash Flow

Each year brings its own challenges for the roofing industry, and 2019 is no exception. From a labor shortage in construction in some regions of the country to rising material ABC Supply associate loading a roofcosts, contractors are currently facing a few uphill battles.

The ABC Supply Pro Council has some advice for contractors navigating these obstacles.

ABC Supply Can Help Ease the Stress of the Construction Labor Shortage

You and your team have a lot on your plate. If you’re feeling the effects of the construction labor shortage and struggling to find more qualified workers to join your team, you might want to find ways to increase your efficiency. That’s where ABC Supply comes in.

We’re able to offer services that can make your job—and your team’s jobs—easier, so you have more time to work on other tasks. For example, many branches offer roof loading of deliveries, saving your team time and allowing them to get right to the task at hand. Many branches also organize manufacturer training sessions, so you and your team can learn more skills and stay up to date on the latest application techniques and products that can build efficiencies into your jobs.

Don’t Get Bitten by Rising Material Costs

Material costs are rising, and that can be challenging for a number of reasons. When relaying price increases to customers, the Pro Council has two pieces of advice for contractors:

  • Relate the rising costs to other price increases your customer may be familiar with, like the rising cost of rent, gas or groceries. By showing them that the cost of living in general is rising, it’s less likely that they’ll be defensive when material costs increase.
  • Include a clause in contracts that allows you to change your prices should material costs increase. When price increases occur unexpectedly, it can be difficult to accurately estimate projects. Having a way out in your contract will ensure you’re not doing the job for less than you can afford due to rising material costs.

Help Customers Increase Cash FlowContractor going over material list with homeowners

A building or remodeling project is often a large investment for many homeowners, and rising material costs aren’t helping. Their budgets may be tight without room for upgrades or additions to the original scope. Contractors can help increase customers’ cashflow—and therefore your bottom line—by offering financing options.

Through its Freedom Programs, ABC Supply offers Green Sky® in-home financing options. Subject to credit approval, the program offers customers credit limits up to $65,000, so they don’t have to limit the scope of their building or remodeling projects because of budget. It’s a win-win situation that boosts cash flow for both you and your customers.

These challenges have certainly created some bumps in the road for contractors, but following the Pro Council’s tips will help you pave a smoother path to success throughout the rest of 2019. For more advice for contractors from the Pro Council, read their reactions to Roofing Contractor’s 2019 State of the Industry report. 



ABC Supply Pro CouncilThe ABC Supply Pro Council consists of experienced associates from across the U.S. Its aim is to provide contractors
nationwide with industry advice and insights to help them seize opportunities and overcome challenges they face as
they manage successful businesses. Contractors can visit ABC Supply’s blog for additional tips and resources from the Pro Council.