5 Marketing Moves That Build Relationships & Your Bottom Line

Posted April 19, 2017

In the competitive and fast-paced construction industry, it’s harder than ever to stand out. To build relationships with new and existing customers, it’s important to get your business out there without taking too much time from your daily responsibilities.

To help contractors grow their businesses and get noticed, ABC Supply’s Freedom Programs offer marketing products and services designed to free up time and resources. Try one or all of these marketing strategies to gain exposure for your business:  

   1. Reach Customers Directly Using Targeted Mailings

A well-planned direct mail program is one of the most effective ways to reach prospective and qualified homeowners. Targeted mailings also help you break through the clutter with a tailored message that solves a potential customer’s needs. By delivering targeted mailings to qualified households in a specific area, you get your name in front of the right prospects.

ABC Supply’s target mail program makes marketing your business simple by sending personalized postcards to owners of single-family homes within a specified zip code or radius from your jobsite that are at least 10 years old, ensuring you’re not targeting apartment renters or new homeowners under warranty.

Plus, ABC Supply provides names and addresses of each homeowner who received your mailing, making follow-up efforts simple.

   2. Promote Your Business 24/7 With Jobsite Marketing

Often the best potential customers are those living near your current jobsites. Jobsite marketing materials like targeted door hangers and on-site contractor job signs showcase your company’s presence in a specific area and let residents know about your services. Inexpensive yet professional, these materials put you in control of marketing distribution and help identify ideal prospective customers.

Has a storm recently hit your community? Use jobsite marketing to demonstrate the quality of your workmanship and let homeowners know your crew is already in the area, ready to help at a moment’s notice.

ABC Supply’s jobsite marketing program offers door hangers and easy-to-read job signs with various design styles, weather-resistant framing and a guaranteed two-week ship date, so you can get out there quickly.

   3. Reach Customers Online With a Contractor Website

With most of your potential customers searching for contractors online, having a website is a must for promoting your business and making key information easily accessible. Whether your site includes a full list of customer testimonials or a brief description of services with contact information, a website is a must for businesses in all industries, including professional contracting.

ABC Supply’s custom website program offers websites in a variety of styles that are fast to create and do not require any technical knowledge or design background. What’s more, you can customize what you feature on your site, including testimonials, photo galleries and links to social media pages.

   4. Leave an Impression by Branding Your Business

Maintaining a professional image can send a powerful message to both current and prospective customers. By consistently demonstrating professionalism, customers will see you run a business they can rely on to deliver high-quality work.

ABC Supply’s professional image building program brings together trusted vendors to offer an extensive catalog of promotional items that can help get your company name out there, with items like logos, custom clothing and designed business cards—all with a professional look.

   5. Close More Sales by Offering In-Home Financing Options

Offering in-home financing is one way to close more sales and increase your business’s bottom line. By providing customers with financing options for projects, you give them more spending power to complete their home improvement goals and afford more services and products.

Together with Green Sky Credit, ABC Supply can help you offer financing options that are attractive to homeowners. The simple “apply and buy” model makes the process hassle-free for customers while saving you from extensive back-end project management.


Learn more about how you can use the ABC Supply Freedom Programs marketing tools to take your business to the next level.