Let ABC Supply Guide You Through the Storm

Posted July 19, 2017

ABC Supply associateWe know that we’re more than just a supplier to our customers; we’re their partner. And our job is to help make contractors as successful as possible. That’s why when a storm hits, our associates have training and expertise to keep up with—and get ahead of—the challenges our customers face as they manage their storm work.

Not only do we educate our associates on how to better help contractors respond quickly to urgent jobs, but we make sure our locations are stocked with the right materials and equipment, and that we deliver those materials accurately and on time to our customers.

As a contractor, be sure to take advantage of your slower periods of work to talk with your supplier about your relationship and how they prepare for bad weather events. Wisconsin contractor Jeremy Toubl of Toubl Contracting has handled many storm remediation projects over the years and stresses the importance of building a relationship with your supplier, so you know they have the ability to be on top of the chaos that often follows a storm event. 

At ABC Supply, we take the time to build relationships with our customers, so we can better understand and support their businesses. TJ Neil is an ABC Supply branch manager in Denver, a market where storms create high demand. Neil consistently preaches the importance of communication between his team and customers, emphasizing that as one of the main reasons for the success of both the branch and its customers.

“It takes everyone in a branch to deal with the aftermath of a storm,” said Neil. “No one position is more important than another, and everybody has to work together to get there.”

Keeping pace with storm activity can be difficult and every storm will produce new challenges, but our associates are prepared to be there for our contractor customers every step of the way. We do everything we can to make it easier to respond to storms by giving you the products and service you need, so you can focus on the job at hand.  

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