Know Your Customers: How Each Generation Is Unique

Posted September 26, 2017

Millennials, Gen Xers, Baby Boomers. Add in first-time homebuyers or veteran homeowners and you’re bound to run into very different types of customers. How do the generations that your clients come from impact their remodeling habits and the way they work with you? Here are some insights to keep in mind as you collaborate with homeowners.


While millennials are the largest group of homebuyers, they typically don’t spend as much on remodeling as other generations. As first-time homebuyers, millennials tend to purchase smaller or older homes that need work, but they have a do-it-yourself outlook and are likely to tackle remodeling projects on their own. However, some projects, like re-roofing or re-siding a home, can be too big for a DIYer. When working with millennials, be sure to educate them on the importance of doing the job right, and explain your approach and sell your expertise as a contractor.

Contractor with customersMillennials are known for planning for the long term and value timeless features, so keep this in mind as you recommend materials. They’ll likely prefer neutral backdrops and clean, simple lines. Involve them in the decisions by bringing them to an ABC Supply Solution Center and let them feel like they have an active part in their building or remodeling project.

Generation X

Gen X was the generation most affected by the housing bubble, so they may be more reluctant to spend a large sum of money on a building or remodeling project. However, they are the generation that on average makes the most money and could afford a larger remodeling project.

Offer options that give your Gen X customers good value for their money. Even if they can afford luxury materials, they’ll want to be sure they are making a sound investment. Gen Xers often have children living at home with them, so having a family-friendly home will likely be important. Recommend durable, practical materials that will stand up to the test of time. Gen Xers are veteran homeowners, so they may already have ideas about what will work best for their home. Be sure to carefully consider their wants and needs when making recommendations.

Baby Boomers

Contractor with customersBaby Boomers are the generation that’s most likely to remodel. They’ve lived in their homes the longest and are often attached to the space. They’re also leading the trend of “aging in place” and remodeling their homes to suit their retirement rather than moving to retirement homes. If Baby Boomers are remodeling to suit their retirement, it’s likely this will be their last major remodel. They’ll be invested in making sure the results turn out exactly how they want. Use tools like Pictureit to help them visualize projects and ensure the results meet their expectations.

Be receptive when working with Baby Boomers and gain their trust by showing them that you care about completing the project to meet their expectations. Baby Boomers value face-to-face interaction, so make yourself available to meet in person and give frequent updates on your progress.

Knowing which generation your customers belong to can help you to effectively communicate with them. Get to know what their preferred form of communication is, but remember that a personal relationship is always key.

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