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Diversify Your Business in Four Steps

May 09, 2017

In today’s business landscape, consumers have access to a variety of contractors, remodelers and home improvement specialists. One way for you to stand out and grow your overall share of business is by increasing the services your company offers.

To help you boost your bottom line, try the following four ways to diversify your business and make 2017 a great year.

1. Get More Product VarietyWorkers having a conversation

To help you better meet more customers’ needs, it’s always valuable to consider expanding your business’s products and capabilities. In broadening the products you offer and your area of expertise (e.g., adding siding or gutters to your roofing business), you could bring in more jobs by helping new customers and expanding projects for current ones.

ABC Supply can help contractors diversify their product and service offerings and learn the latest application techniques. As the nation’s leading supplier of select exterior and interior building supplies, we’re among the first to learn about the latest products and trends directly from manufacturers.

Plus, with over 700 locations nationwide, ABC Supply associates all over the country can meet with you and let you know specifically how they can help your business.

Contractor Classroom2. Get Certified

Another way to offer customers more value? Earn a certification in a new area. By exploring industry programs available to roofing contractors and construction professionals, you can polish your skills and stand out in today’s increasingly competitive industry.

From NRCA University—where contractors can get exposure to technical courses, safety training and professional development—to more focused programs like the Vinyl Siding Institute, ABC Supply can help identify a variety of programs across the industry.

Showcase any earned credentials by publishing relevant certifications on your website and marketing materials, helping customers see you as an expert with the added skills and value to take on their home projects.

3. Get Credit

If you want to start tackling larger jobs, including more projects for current customers, opening lines of credit can help you accommodate the required amount of work. If a customer asks to expand a project’s scope, you don’t want to miss out on potentially increasing that project’s revenue and, ultimately, your bottom line. Having access to credit puts you in position to help more customers and grow your business.

ABC Supply’s Customer Financial Services program enables contractors to open lines of credit at the terms they need to provide customers the best solutions possible. To protect privacy, ABC Supply keeps the process completely confidential.

4. Get Organized

Being affiliated with a national or local accredited organization can lend third-party credibility to your company and help you diversify your services with connections to key industry resources. In addition to networking and industry tips, you can gain exclusive access to helpful events like training programs and trade shows.

Ask about industry resources at your next ABC Supply visit, and an associate will help guide you to an organization that makes the most sense for you.

Let’s Get to It

Talk to your local ABC Supply associate to find out how they can help you diversify your business now and in the future. You can also visit the ABC Supply blog for additional resources to help you build your business throughout the year.