Designing Your Technology Game Plan

Posted March 16, 2017

Easily Add Tech Today For More Business Tomorrow

At this point you know tech is everywhere, but how can you use it in your business without interrupting the entire workflow? With minimal effort, using technology can quickly boost each key area of your business, from top-level project management all the way down to jobsite productivity. To help you enhance the way you do business tomorrow, we’ve highlighted some of the best ways to start leveraging tech today.

Streamline Project Management

One initial payoff of working with tech is paperless project management, which can decrease costs and increase efficiency. Online project management also allows contractors to conduct all facets of their business—from lead generation to customer estimates—anytime, anywhere.

  • Ordering and Estimates: We know you don’t have traditional 9-to-5 workdays; you need to be able to run your business any time of the day. Start with expediting how you build estimates by using ABC Connect. The online solution bridges the gap between your office and the field by integrating with industry-leading software to swiftly place new quotes and orders online. The integration allows contractors to easily turn material lists into orders on the fly with the tap of a finger.
  • Communication: Throughout the roofing industry, mobile apps and devices help teams stay connected and informed around the clock, increasing overall work production and efficiency. By embracing mobile technology, crews can stay updated on projects no matter where they are. Whether in the truck, on a jobsite or at the office, your team will be able to retrieve project status updates and communicate with key players and suppliers from anywhere.
  • Knowledge Hubs: Project management software also creates centralized knowledge hubs for all your project files. Housing every document, photo and/or video pertaining to a job in one location makes information readily available to your entire crew, 24/7. Making files electronic and more accessible will keep you and your team on the same page, while removing the need to take up space by storing paper files in the office.

Close the Sale Faster

Boost your lead generation success and overall bottom line by leveraging tools that help you bid fast, and see digital models of finished projects before they even start.

  • Quick Bids: With online inventory visibility through tools like ABC Connect, you can quickly respond to potential customers by sending accurate information electronically. What’s more, the Connect program’s partnership with common software platforms allows you to distribute bids and reports with your company’s customized branding. This helps you establish a professional image from the start, without a lot of back-end design work on your end.
  • BIM: With building information modeling you can amplify sales pitches by showing prospective customers what their finished project will look like with stunning accuracy, before you even start a job. ABC Connect’s integration with Pictureit provides pre-mapped stock imagery, which includes over 80 popular North American home styles, or you can upload your customer’s home. You’ll also be able to train new employees or market recent projects, as most BIM presentations can be saved, emailed and shared on social media channels.

Improve Jobsite Efficiency

Did we mention efficiency? Not only does technology carry project enhancements from inside the office directly out to the field, it helps crews complete jobs safely and on time.

  • Deliveries: Through delivery notification systems from your suppliers, you can rest assured your crew is receiving the correct products for a job before it kicks off, helping you meet project deadlines and appropriately manage customer expectations.
  • Aerial Imaging: Drones and visual mapping systems allow you to get accurate dimensions and specs of customer homes prior to arriving at the jobsite.
  • Infrared Cameras: Know what’s in front of you with thermal imaging that identifies building vulnerabilities and potential problems before your team even enters a structure. This may save you and your customers from any financial (and logistical) surprises along the way, too.

Let’s Get Started

By adopting just a few of these technology tactics into your game plan, you can rapidly improve the way you do business. So where to start? Here are a few places to seamlessly integrate tech without reframing your entire business structure.

  • Ordering: By using an existing program, like ABC Supply’s Connect, that integrates with leading industry software, you can quickly and easily start using tech to make ordering jobsite materials a snap.
  • Customer Pricing: What are your current sales methods like? You might save crew members time and propel revenue by switching to easy-to-use online sales and pricing platforms. Don’t forget to allow time for training, which will shorten the learning curve and encourage long-term use of in-the-field sales tools.
  • Jobsite Security: Integrating aerial imaging immediately removes the need for team members to climb elevated platforms, allowing them to stay out of harm’s way and still finish projects on time.

Remember to keep coming back to for more ways to improve your business day in and day out.