Now and Later: 3 Ways to Build Success During and After Jobs

Posted June 15, 2016

In the throes of a busy job, various unexpected issues could derail progress. With the right tools, technology and teamwork, you can keep projects running smoothly. Below we’ve laid out three ways to make sure your team puts their best foot forward.

Prove It.

To effectively manage jobs (and customer expectations) consider requesting notifications from your supplier as materials are ordered and delivered.  To assist contractors, ABC Supply offers a full notification program that alerts customers throughout the process:

  • Order Confirmation: With this process, contractors are able to affirm product orders, ensuring jobs can start on time with the correct materials.  
  • Delivery Verification: The delivery verification process lets contractors know they’ve received the right products at the right time. As seeing is believing, ABC Supply can send photos of your delivery to ensure it’s accurate and that all materials are on the jobsite, so you’re ready to start the project without delay.
  • Protect Deliveries. In addition to delivery verifications, ABC Supply can weatherproof deliveries to avoid any damage or wear to materials, so products arrive in optimal condition. If you work in an area where your products could use extra protection, consider asking your supplier if they can weatherproof shipments before they’re delivered.

Working with a supplier who assists you with having what you need, when you need it, will help you deliver your projects on time and accurately.

Embrace Tech.

Yes: it’s time to embrace the digital world (if you haven’t already). Technology can enhance job accuracy, delivery practices and overall efficiency. To start, contractors should take steps to leverage technology that’s readily available to them, like GPS and online mapping systems, real-time weather apps and mobile photos.

Additionally, ask suppliers about the technology they employ. ABC Supply’s tool and equipment catalog offers various options to improve job execution, like infrared cameras with thermal imaging to help locate potential problems in the field. Moreover, ABC’s online platform, ABC Connect, provides applications that bring orders directly into a system, flagging errors before they impact a job. It also includes a mobile platform that allows contractors to work anytime, anywhere. Among other features, the program enables users to:

  • Manage jobs on the fly
  • Place orders at any time of day
  • Complete estimates
  • View invoices

With the ability to manage jobs on the go, you’re able to save man-hours by avoiding manual systems and enjoy more time on jobsites, interacting face-to-face with customers.

I Have a Dream (Team).

At the end of the day, the most essential factor to a project’s success is the team behind it. As long as your team is well-informed, well-prepared and communicating with each other, your job should go smoothly. Schedule a debriefing when a project is complete. This will allow you to gauge how your team felt throughout the job. Potential questions include:

  • How prepared did you feel before your job began?
  • Were your questions and suggestions addressed promptly?
  • What organizational practices could we add, change or improve to ensure jobs stay on time?

With the right resources, you can put your team in a great position to deliver successful and accurate jobs to customers. Be sure to check back at for additional resources and tips on how to build success now. And later.