Your Business-Building Tool: Better Communication

Posted June 27, 2016

Despite a world of shiny new smartphones and cutting-edge apps, tried and true communication skills are still one of the best ways you can grow your business while maintaining strong relationships with customers and crew. Here are some tips to help you communicate better as you tackle your projects.

Establish Clear Communication

  • With your customer:
    • Communicating well both makes your job easier and leads to the repeat business and customer referrals that are essential for your success. When you’re in an interviewing phase before a project kicks off, know that your customers are evaluating you just as much as you are evaluating them. Take this opportunity to share your expertise through reviews and images that show you’re a trusted partner to work with.
    • Delivering clear, consistent communication throughout the project and establishing expectations reduces the chances of a miscommunication and lowers stress for both parties. Once the project starts, know how your customers prefer to be communicated with. Do they favor in-person communication, phone calls, texts or emails? Are there certain times that they are available?
  • With your supplier:
    • With a wealth of knowledge about products, your supplier should be your partner throughout your entire job. Make sure you have two-way communication with them throughout a project so that they can help you meet, and even exceed, the expectations you have for a job. ABC Supply’s associates and resources are there for contractors at every step of a project. From providing product information and assistance before an order, to having the option to electronically place an order, to providing delivery verification, your supplier can help you choose and deliver the best products for your job.  
  • With your team:
    • If team members are well prepared and have open communication with each other, they’ll be more equipped to successfully execute their roles on a job. To make working with your crew even easier, consider implementing processes that involve electronic communication. Not only will this reduce the chance of errors that come with misinterpreting information, it will also decrease the time spent following up on information, allowing your team to work more efficiently. Check with your supplier to see what industry-leading software is available to help you interact with your crew faster and easier. 

Tech is Changing the Way You Communicate—In a Good Way

  • Your customers are turning to technology more and more for information and answers to help them become “experts.” While it can be frustrating to work with customers who think they know as much as you about a project, take this opportunity to make yourself available for questions and be polite and educational in your responses.
  • Working with a supplier, such as ABC Supply, that embraces technology can also make your job easier. ABC Connect integrates ABC Supply’s products and pricing with industry software, making it possible to create estimates, search products and submit orders anytime, anywhere. ABC Supply also offers order and delivery notifications, ensuring you know the status of your project at all times so that you can provide customers with prompt and accurate answers to their project questions.

Each job is going to be different and there isn’t one perfect way to communicate, but being aware of your customers’ expectations for communication and the tools that make communication faster and more accurate will make your job easier.

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