ABC Connect Helps Authority Roofing Tackle Business 24/7

Posted October 5, 2016

Situation: Roofing company seeks more accurate and seamless integration with their project management solution.

A locally owned company in Frisco, Texas, Authority Roofing prides itself on establishing a reputation for delivering quality products and customer service over the past 20 years. As director of operations at Authority Roofing, Catherine Brenneman’s role is to identify business solutions that allow the company to streamline its operations, saving her team time and helping it stand out from competitors.

Brenneman recognized that to accomplish this, it would be important to bring more technology into Authority Roofing’s way of doing business. She turned to an ABC Supply Connect program, which integrates with her AccuLynx Quick Order system to provide 24/7 access to ABC Supply’s products and pricing. ABC Connect makes ordering building materials seamless, so Brenneman can place more orders, faster. The system also ensures the accuracy she expects, so the right product is selected, purchased and delivered.

Streamlined Ordering

Authority Roofing services more than 30 cities across four counties, so new jobs come in constantly and the ordering process never stops. ABC Connect with AccuLynx Quick Order allows Brenneman to seamlessly turn material lists into orders as she receives them. And because orders are created electronically, the system can flag issues so mishaps are caught before they become problems that impact deliveries.

Total Product Visibility

Like any contractor, Brenneman has vast knowledge of the products her supplier offers. But even the most experienced professional needs to occasionally look up items and prices—especially the ones that aren’t frequently ordered. Instead of having to pick up the phone and talk to her supplier or visit a location, she’s able to search for the information she needs through the ABC Connect integration with AccuLynx Quick Order. “I have the entire ABC Supply product line at my fingertips. Gone are the days of needing to call an ABC location during business hours for more product information,” says Brenneman. This gives her the opportunity to take on other projects during the day.

Anytime Access
In a contractor’s busy day, there is no such thing as downtime. Brenneman needed a solution for placing orders 24/7, which she found in ABC Connect with AccuLynx Quick Order. “I love that I now have the ability to order anytime, anywhere,” Brenneman says. Whether she’s at the jobsite, in the office or at home, ABC Connect’s integration with AccuLynx lets her turn an estimate into an order with just a few clicks.

About ABC Connect

ABC Connect is an online solution integrating leading industry software—including AccuLynx and EagleView Technologies—with ABC Supply’s products and pricing so contractors can build estimates and place orders whenever it is most convenient to them. To learn more, visit