ABC Supply Associates Share Insights From Our First 35 Years

Posted October 24, 2017

The construction industry and the way contractors do their jobs has changed a lot over the past three decades. To highlight some of these changes, and how ABC Supply has evolved with the times, we sat down with four past Ken Hendricks Award winners and longtime ABC Supply associates, Pat Keeney, Jeff Ploch, Frank Novascone and Tom Wills.

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What are some of the biggest changes you’ve noticed about the industry over the past three decades?

ABC Supply DeliveryTom: We see contractors more and more opting for product delivery services. Contractors don’t have the time to be running around all day because they have to be responsible for so many aspects of their businesses, from marketing to running their crews to keeping track of the books and working with insurance companies. When ABC Supply introduced our trackable delivery service, we were able to create an accurate service that allows contractors to know exactly when their products will arrive, taking the guesswork and unnecessary waiting time out of their days.

Jeff: We’re seeing more and more contractors work year-round compared to years ago when some contractors in the area didn’t work through the winter months.

Pat: There are so many more codes and regulations today than there were 35 years ago, so contractors spend a lot of time making sure their crews comply with them.


What are some of the things ABC Supply has done over the years to make it easier for contractors to do their jobs?ABC Supply Solution Center

Jeff: Our Solution Centers have been a great resource for contractors. Each of our branches has one. They’re a professional space for contractors to meet with their customers and show them product samples and displays. Many Solution Centers also have a conference room that contractors can reserve as needed for meetings.

Pat: ABC Supply was once viewed as a roofing supply house, but that’s not the case anymore. Now we’re a one-stop shop for exterior building products, tools and accessories, thanks to the creation of the ABC Catalog.  

Frank: Technology has really changed the way we do business. From a trackable delivery service to ABC Connect, which gives contractors 24/7 access to pricing and order placement, we’ve introduced programs over the years that make it easier for contractors to do their jobs.

In addition to tech programs, we’ve also created the Freedom Programs and Manufacturer Rewards Support to give even more value to the contractors we work with.  

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